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Miki Disman  Alberta, Canada Literally all I do is work, sleep and drink

More of the super cool bird

Met a super cool cabbie named Abbie the cabbie( as he referred to himself as) and a cool dude outside sharks with a bird who was chill as fuck, just a great night over all that I really needed, happy to finally have a relaxed and chill night without stressing

To add on from earlier after an almost 12 hour work day I am getting so fucking drunk this Saturday, anyone up for hatters?

The past 6 months of 5/6 days a week being up at 5:30am daily has made me understand on a spiritual level why bars are full on the weekends, because I'm there ruining my liver trying to relax

The best beer is a shower beer after a long day

She's not much but she's mine

I had a really bad night and this beautiful puppy came up and hung out with me and it just made my night so much better

Holy shit I lost years on that one

And more beer, gonna drink this shitty fucking week away

Just some funny shit I saved time ago

My kinda fucking morning

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