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Mike Ouellette  Helping people be proud of their dogs is my passion.

@schaefer_the_dawg has it made in the shade after our walk in Collinsville center. #dogologyct #gsd #dogtraining #dogwalking #ctdogtraining

LINK IN BIO! Dogology has been nominated for Best Local Pet Store and Best Dog Trainer in the Best of Hartford 2018 reader's poll. We're thankful for another year of helping the Farmington Valley have a more harmonious lifestyle with their dog(s), and we'd love to win again. If you think Dogology is awesome and you want to show your support, consider voting for us. Voting ends 5/24, so don't wait! Thank you all! #dogologyct #bestofhartford #dogtraining #petstore

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One of the questions we as dog trainers get quite often is how to decipher between good advice and bad🐶With so much information on the internet, opinions from friends, and differing philosophies in dog training it is easy for there to be a lot of misconceptions when it comes to dogs and the right and wrong ways to train. In our upcoming seminar Dogology trainers Ben and Mike will shed light on some of the common misunderstandings and misinformation that exists in the world of behavior modification. The seminar will be held at our Canton Dogology location on Wednesday May 2nd from 7:30pm to 8:30pm with Q and A to follow. Tickets are $20 per person and can be purchased in store or by phone at 860 352 2352 ex 1. 🐾👉🏼Must pay to sign up!👈🏼🐾

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We should all follow the example of our dogs and find happiness in the simple things, like a muddy ball and a few rays of sun. #dogologyct #happydog

Puppy playgroup @dogology is perfect for puppy socialization, and also for facilitating lazy Sunday.

Tater has a new found passion for the ball. He also does a much better job dropping the ball for me than his knucklehead brother does. #fetch #ballislife

Georgia rocking the treadmill for the first time!

I've been working with Koda for a while now. She's made some good progress lately and today was a big day. This is the first time Koda's owner has seen her play with another dog. Up to this point, her reactivity on leash has kept him from trusting her to be social. I had a feeling she would do well today and she didn't disappoint. I'm very happy for both of them. #dogologyct #confidencepatienceconsistency #trainingdogsonehumanatatime

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