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Mike Ouellette  Helping people be proud of their dogs is my passion.


Puppy playgroup @dogology is perfect for puppy socialization, and also for facilitating lazy Sunday.

Tater has a new found passion for the ball. He also does a much better job dropping the ball for me than his knucklehead brother does. #fetch #ballislife

Georgia rocking the treadmill for the first time!

I've been working with Koda for a while now. She's made some good progress lately and today was a big day. This is the first time Koda's owner has seen her play with another dog. Up to this point, her reactivity on leash has kept him from trusting her to be social. I had a feeling she would do well today and she didn't disappoint. I'm very happy for both of them. #dogologyct #confidencepatienceconsistency #trainingdogsonehumanatatime

Diego & Cash waiting for that treat. #brudders

Working off leash with my buddy Leo. "Here" is for him to walk right by my side. "Hey" is if he's getting too far ahead. "Ok" is a release from "here". What's more fun than having your dog do great for you off leash?
#offleash #rainyday #dogologyct #confidencepatienceconsistency#trainingdogsonehumanatatime

Bryn, the beautiful GSD. #gsd

About time I dusted this old thing off. #bjj