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Mike Teruel  Believer Husband & Father Spoken Word Booking & Feature Inquiries: miketeruel.creative@gmail.com Check out my album- Fragments 👇

Thank you Stan Lee.
Just bought my son his first marvel action figure yesterday and he loved it, so the timing of Stan Lee’s passing is crazy. No doubt one of the GOATs of storytelling. Characters and stories that inspire me and I know will inspire my kids. Everything in life is how you tell the story - @frankteruel 🐐 #marvel #stanlee

Hi 👋, my name is Mike and I’m a professional marketer and junior ping pong association mentor to @uncle_p_m and @mi5fit__ . @kamelzeidan I’m coming for you. 🔥

I try to see raising my kids to become who they were made to be as a creative process. I get inspired by it. I think about different ways I can interact with them and experiences I can expose them to that will draw out the uniqueness of their personality and gifts. When I catch glimpses of interest, excitement, or curiosity I try to stoke that flame. It’s an honor and big responsibility being a father because you play a major role in shaping their mind.


Office politics. Had to rep for the lake show today because of the big W last night. Specifically had to rep the jerseys to bless our good Denver Nuggets friend @justinelliott23 .
It’s our time @uncle_p_m and @mi5fit__

*heart skips a beat*
Wow. Love you @morganteruel

The legend @mr.bndcks getting ready for his wedding. Cheers my man. God is good 👊🔥

“God’s hand on me, ain’t nobody that can stop it. What He planned for me, ain’t nobody that can block it.” - @lecrae , Can’t Block It.
Check out those crows feet by my eyes 🤣😩. That’s 5+ years of late night grad school homework. Still can score a date with this 10 tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥

...and then I told her she could have all of my money 😓😩😍. My daughter is seriously more amazing than I could have ever dreamt up. Shoutout to God for the gift 🙏

Seattle with some brethren from the bay. Soul refreshed being inspired and kicking it with these guys. I think real friendship is one of life’s most precious treasures.
Thx for everything @gymme_chung & Garrett T. Much love fellas.

She’s got some ideas to change the world. We talked venture capitalism and I promised her she could have all my money. She uses her cuteness as a negotiation strategy 😓. 😍my Maverick.

He’s got footy pajamas on taking shots on a fisher price hoop now, but I won’t be surprised if he does this one day in purple and gold with the Lakers 🔥🙏 🤣

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