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Pumped that I was able to edit this one for @jamesblake @travisscott @metroboomin ☕🌌
Directed by: @nabildo

New work for @ashleytisdale
Directed by: @dannatakako @jaquelknight
Produced by: @lexlewter
Color by: @gabe_jl_sanchez

New work for @rynxmanjones
Directed by: @diegobenjaminandrade
Produced by: @yaro___
Color: @gabe_jl_sanchez
VFX: @maxcoltt

New work for @yg - Slay ft. @quavohuncho
Shoutout to the team who made this one happen. Its been a pleasure working with you guys this year.
Director: @goodboyshady
Producer: @yaro___
VFX: @maxcoltt @the_frender
DP: @pascalfilm
Color: @nic_apostoli

Enjoyed collaborating with @perfumegenius on this video for "Not For Me"

new edit for "Coupe" @kriswu @richthekid
Directed by @goodboyshady
Produced by @yaro___

New edit for @buddy
Directed by: @danielregan___
Produced by: @yaro___
VFX: @the_frender @maxcoltt

New edit for @itsglowie
Director: @wendymorgann
EP: @janniemcinnes
Producer: @ngalaxy
Production Co: @believemedia
DP: @coreycwaters
Choreographer: @aakomon
Casting: @missmyrosia
Styling: @alexisjohnsonstyle
Hair: @dylanchavles
Makeup: @alexahernandez
Color: @gabe_jl_sanchez

New edit for @rojamesxix "Excuse Me"
Directed by: @grantcuratola

New edit for "Blow That Smoke" - @majorlazer @tovelo ----------------------------------------
directed by: @directedbydad aka @grantspanier & @coreycwaters
produced by: @LevxLev & @JoeMischo
associate producer: @yoyooRick
1st ad: @_harry_katz_
2nd ad: @Kelsieadams65
1st ac: @SethaLawrence
2bd ac: @kocmos
steadicam: @CollinScouten
gaffer: @Matty_Tuppen
key grip: @Jon_Brooker
prod. design: @Liam.Mooore
choreographer: @calvitjr
tove creative: @twadddle
tove stylist: @madbadting
tove hair: @koreyfitz
tove mua: @colbymakeup
extras hmu: @Faradene
editor: @MikeSpagnoli
sound design: @eagleblakk
vfx supervisor: @ChrisNoellert
vfx: @ArsenalCreates
colorist: @StefanSonnenfeld / @company_3
prod. co: @BLKMTNLA
video commissioner: @Lillie_Rosemary
label: Mtheory Records

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