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Smile baby!! The "Malibu" by True Gold - Exclusively at Shoepalace.com & a select few Shoe Palace Locations: Melrose, Hollywood, Glendale, Orlando, San Jose & Las Vegas #ShoePalace #TrueGold #Collaboration #Amiri

Rocking 2 vintage necklaces than mean the world to me! 1 necklace belonged to my dad with an "S" the other belonged to my Grandpa with "Allah & Other Religious figures" Worn by them in their 20's! Now I wear them as a coat of armor against all the evil eyes & haters ⚔️🙏 ✋🏼#Chamsa #DoGoodBeGoodExpectGood #ReligionShouldGuideNotDivide

No one is perfect! Even though many try to portray their lives as a fairy tale, I wear my scars as a badge of honor! All of my trials & tribulations have made me the man I am today! (Thank you @freddash for sharing & @adellenaz for this absolutely amazing post 🙏) #Wisdom #MindBodySoulStrong

Last night was one for the books! What a wedding. I was even able to get a pic with 007 @drjimmyfirouz #TheDoctorsAreIn

We are as thick as thieves! Rez, congrats on the major transformation. I applaud your commitment to be the best you, you can be baby boy! We aren't bound by blood, but by a chosen brotherhood #Shahs #Reunion #Season6 #TrueGold #Strapped #LinkInBio

Up to no good, sippin Blue Label at 9 am, filming the dysfunctional family reunion for season 6, rockin Dolce & True Gold #Shahs #TrueGold #Strapped #LinkInBio

ALL ABOUT THE SNAP BACK!! Cruisin Sunset Blvd listening to the baddest mothafxcka to do it...MJ baby!! Rockin the #DoodoolTallah snap back 🐣Very Limited Quantities Run & Avaiable Now @ WWW.TRUEGOLDSTYLE.COM #TG #SHAHS #GOLDEN #SNAPBACK

Stay True To Yourself! ✨WWW.TRUEGOLDSTYLE.COM ⚡️

It takes a lot of courage to do what we do! The journey has definitely been complicated. Many blessings & some curses! I appreciate every moment of it though. It has shaped me into the man I am today #Shahs

PLEASE READ-LIFE LESSON!! A perfect example of over coming your fears & a true testament that it's never too late! Growing up my grandpa wouldn't let his prize possession, his daughter, my mother ride a bike. He was afraid that she would hurt herself. My mom adopted that mentality...if I ride a bike, I will get hurt. Now, after having 3 boys who all don't fear shxt, collectively have been broken many bones, multiple visits to the ER, were quasi-stuntmen...my mommy finally learned how to ride a bike! My dad taught her, today while they are in Forte Dei Marmi, Italy on their romantic getaway. Proud of you mom!! Thank you for not projecting your fears on to us, and teaching us to be fearless warriors. Miss you, can't wait until ur back! This look of fear and excitement on your face melts my heart ❤️#ProudSon #DontDieWithTheMusicStillInsideYou

True Gold owns the best real estate in the store! Front & Center! Proud moment for sure! If your in the neighborhood pop in and checkem out #TrueGold #ShoePalace #Collaboration

Rumors are the best, I always learn something new about myself I didn't know! I don't think people realize how powerful words are and what an impact it can make, either positive or negative!! If you have time to gossip about someone else, make sure your life is perfect! Never speak on something you didn't see with your own eyes and hear with your ears! Find peace in your thoughts! Pray more! Believe in something, God! Stay away from those "friends" who are always on other people's shit & don't even have their lives together. I vow to start with the man in the mirror, 1% better each day. I speak and think no ill on anyone's name. I got me to worry about, that's a full time job in itself! Anyways, Shabbat Shalom Insta fam! Hope today and this weekend brings you LIGHT 🕯🕊#Wisdom

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