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Michael Rodriguez  In love with God, my family, Crossfit, and the PN-Dub (Pacific Northwest or PNW) aaaand I'm a Murse (Male Nurse)

Because I haven’t posted a #StarWars post in some time. You’ll never hear this song the same 😂😂😂

Yesterday was Audrey’s birthday. I couldn’t say enough about my little girl. But one thing is undeniable, she brings joy every where she goes. Jesus, keep showing her how to harness that joy to give to others; that it makes her such a strong leader of people. #ADecadeStrong #LoveYouSweetie #HappyBirthday

Year 4...LETS GO!!!! #Crossfit #TheOpen2018

My life in a weeks time. #WhyTheFace #TakeMeBack #Blessed

This vacation has felt much like this...stuff moving by while I wasn’t. I don’t think I have ever relaxed as much as I have during this sweet sweet time. Real Talk: vacationing with kids on a vacation such as this...it’s hard to reign in expectations for what I wanted to have happen and feel versus what did happen. I never had a vacation like this as a kid; we couldn’t. So for me, it was me taking in every Maddy laugh, every Audrey joke, saying yes...a lot. I feel blessed to be in a position to even think this a possibility. Jesus, thank you for blessing me over and over again. #BestFamilyVacation #ICantBelieveItsOver #SeeYouTomorrowPortland #ThankYouGrandHyatt #RefueledForWhatsToCome #ImSoReady #LetsGo

There is a ton going on in this picture. @rzambard (Rory) was one of my CF LV-1 instructors and we had a conversation about CrossFit and God. Flash forward 2 years latter and we have another conversation about CrossFit and God! This time @hollyrodrigo got to be in on it. I’m telling you with all my heart...big big things are in store for the island of #Kauai.

I’ve lost count as to how many times the girls and I have gone down on this!! #OnRepeat #AllDayEveryDay #ItWasOnlyAMatterOfTimeBeforeIRecordedThis

These three pictures summarize our day. We kept it pretty chill today. We ate more than we did...and I like it that way. #ILoveFood #AllTheFood #AndILoveSeaTurtles #NotAsFood #AsWildLife

This is why I’m here. #ILoveThem #Kauai #GrandHyattKauai

Because I just love my little #MaddyShea

Time for my little swimmer to crush some laps...or kickies.

FINALLY got to use my moment lens on this fun little ditty (since most of the gorge is closed till September). #FamilyHike #ChasingWaterfalls #pnw #pnwonderland #momentlens

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