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Tag your friends that don’t take days off .... I don’t like rest day 🐺⚔️🍀 #NoDaysOff

The reality is when you focus on the wrong things, you are more apt to overlook the good things and that will impact the way you feel and your mindset. Refuse to let that happen. There is just too much good out there waiting for you that you never want to miss out on. #TitanWisdom

“The most beautiful people I have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” #TitanWisdom

Who else is working on their Christmas tree 🎄? #christmascountdown2018 #GriswoldsChristmas #ELF

The Real TITAN Games @therock @samoanstuntman VS @paddywarbucks @MikeOHearn 🏆 The NFL combine Beach & Titan Squat Off on New Years Day 2019 🥇TAG WHO YOU THINK WILL WIN 👍🏼 #Titan #titangames #MikeOHearn

3 am Sunday morning and too excited to sleep in 🐺⚔️🍀 time to get that workout in and then start working with all my Titans on their nutrition and workouts. To all my one on one clients make sure to send in your photos & information this morning so we can get on Skype and talk face to face about what changes we need to make #TitanCrew mike@mikeohearn.com

So much fun Guest Posing with my IRON Brothers @philheath @mrolympia08 as we rocked the stage at Jim Manion’s
IFBB Pittsburg pro show #Avengers #Superheroes #DontFeedTheAnimals

Titan Tour 2018 next stop Victoria Texas at complete Nutrition 🐺⚔️🍀 make sure all YOU TITANS come over. let’s get some time together 💪🏻🙏🏼 talked about training nutrition and of course dogs 🐺 Repost By completenutrition_victoria: 💥SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT💥
🔥Contest - READ ALL🔥
We are super excited to announce our 2018 Customer Appreciation Event on November 10th from 10am to 2pm !
Appearances by @mikeohearn @strykersworld @mona_muresan @that1legmonster @optimusprime_334 and more ! .
CONTEST - 1️⃣ REPOST- 2️⃣Then TAG a Friend in the comments (you can tag more than 1, just make them separate) We will pick 1 lucky winner and the person they tag. These winners will get to go on a VIP Private Dinner Friday the 9th and join our Private workout session on November 10th with all the guest athletes and Complete Crew ! An experience you don’t want to miss !
We couldn’t of done any of this without all the support from all of our sponsors and supporters ! @iconmeals @elitefitnessvictoria @compadresdesignvictoria .
Be on the lookout for even more info and special announcements as we get closer and closer to the date !
#teamcomplete #iconmeals #completenutrition #TitanTour2018 #Stryker @strykersworld #Titan #mikeOHearn

Never Skip Leg Day #MrConsistency #Thunderthighs

@mona_muresan Started her Roller derby training today. Seems to have gone well 👍🏼

Passion over motivation 🐺⚔️🍀 #TitanWisdom

The Adventures of Titan & Stryker 🐺⚔️🍀 happy Sunday to all my Titans worldwide ❤️ 🖐 a great day ahead of you so make sure to live in the moment with loved ones and also get that workout in , Leg Day! The Titan Crew are off again to the next Destination. ✈️ and yes We are improvising and getting that sleep in when we can ❤️✈️✅ #Rufflife #husky #theadventuresoftitanandstryker

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