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MIKE O'HEARN The TITAN  Doggy Daddy 🐻🐶🐼🐺Titan ‪Training plan: @fitplan_app ‬ ‪Clothing: @mikeohearnlifestyle ‬ ‪Food: @iconmeals‬ Code: TITAN For Iconmeals


LEG DAY LETS GO !! #21inARMS #LegsForArms

16 years old here and I loved high school football. So in honor of high school football starting here's my TBT of my 🏈 sorry about the quality of these newspaper articles. When it comes to football I was 6'2 then 6'3 my senior year and always played around 240lbs for better speed. I was a two-time All state defensive lineman. My senior year I was one of the 22 all American selected by USA Today. That was fun because I got to do a lot of TV shows nationwide and interviews. Some of these newspaper clippings talk about my strength. I was already benching over 400 pounds in powerlifting meets and deadlifting & squatting 625 pounds at 16 years old. In the Off-season from football I would normally weigh around 275lbs and was lucky to workout with the great Jeff Macgruder. Plus other great Hall of Fame Powerlifter's. I know I was blast having such an incredible support crew around me and the support from my parents. Today's throwback Thursday is to show you what a life of consistency does. Please don't look at this and say you can't achieve it. Don't listen to people that say there are short cuts. I started working out at nine years old hard and I've never stopped. I want you guys out there that are dreamers and believe in yourself to stay in the right path. Get up every morning and do the work and you'll get to where you want to be. I hope this pushes you guys today and make you work even harder for your dreams #TbT #HighSchoolFootball #Dreams #Titan #AllNattyBro #LifeTimeDrugFeee #JackedFroebirth swipe right to see more photos #AmericanGladiators titan at 16 #KirklandWA #Celticwarrior #MetaHuman #MikeOHearn #AllNattyBro

You have two choices in life. Putting in work to make your dreams a reality or let those dreams stay just what they are, dreams. I choose put in the work every single time! Carry an unstoppable mentality with you, always. #TitanTour2017 #Titanwisdom #GuestPosing #Natural #AllNattyBro #livingtgedream #MrUniverse #HallOfFamebodybuilder #251LBS #Mondaymotivation #powerlifter #PowerBodyBuilding #JUDO #FounderOfPowerBodyBuilding #Superhero #MetaHuman #Superman #FuckMikeOHearn #Titan

Using 460lbs for reverse grip to work ONLY the triceps on ARM day #PowerBodyBuilding #Titan #MetaHuman #21Arms #Superman #AmericanGladiators #JUDO #wrestlingislife

500lbs x 15 reps. Important to know that when doing high reps like this, you must use light weight.
Currently waiting for a text from @bradcastleberry to confirm this world record! #WorldRecord #Squats #Legs #HighReps #MikeOhearn

The Titan Tour 2017 has 2 back to back stops coming up. As soon as I leave @superleague.live in Vegas, Jumping on a Jet straight to San Jose for @thefitexpo to hold a seminar with @jaycutler @mona_muresan & fellow Dog Peep @dannyhester AKA Mr.Olympia ! I better see all of you filthy animals there 💪🏼 the best part of traveling is meeting all of you! #Vegas #SanJose
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We are proud to announce that The Titan @mikeohearn will be joining us at the #SJFitExpo this month in San Jose. Use code OHEARNSJ17 to save $10 on your tickets at www.thefitexpo.com #TitanTour2017

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For some, bodybuilding is just a sport. For me, it's about living a life where I create my own art piece while benefiting from the side effects that include strength, willpower & commitment. ~ Mike O'Hearn #PowerBodyBuildingFounder #MetaHuman

You have to warm up before you get after it! So taking the 150lbs dumbbells for a warm up ride .... just go easy as you're isolation on the incline bench. #TitanMode #F*ckMikeOHearn #4anCrew

When faced with adversity we have two choices. 1. We can grab life by the horns and keep pushing. 2. Throw in the towel and let your life pass you by. I have to say, nothing is more motivating than meeting someone that could have easily given up. We have full control to be happy in our lives, remember that! #Truth #Toronto much love brother @bionic_body you motivate me !!

Don't just talk the talk. Walk the walk and actually go out there, try to set and break WORLD RECORDS. Social media makes it too easy to fake it. You can say you set records; but did you really?! Don't talk about it, BE ABOUT IT! Tap link in bio to see full video 👀 #TitanMode #GuinessWorldRecord #ActualWorldRecord 6'3 277lbs

Elite multidimensional thinking and surrounding yourself with like minded elite thinkers will take you places that you never imagined. Notice these covers show people from all different industries and they are all at the top of their craft. We all have the same thing in common, we aren’t limited to one dimension and hard work has become apart of our DNA. We thrive on overcoming challenges. Believe that you can and you can !! Sending good vibes out to everybody that this Hustlin to make your dreams come true !! Love your new @muscle_and_fitness Cover @terrycrews

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