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Mike Motsok  🕥Coming back soon 🏴mikemotsok@yahoo.com

PDA Alert 🚨 When she means the world to you. But that world is 3.975 miles away now. @annak_495

Parisien London 🇬🇧 Being based in London for more than 3 years, there is a time of the year in December when I'm asking myself "Will I ever see snow again?" ❄️🌤☔️ #MikeLovesLondon

The rare full frame of Monocle Café ☕️🏤
It's curious how a small coffee shop with an average coffee based in one of the poshest areas in London became so social-famous and hyped through the last years. The power of marketing & media, the power of Instagram, or just the power of "It's just soooo cute 💕" ?! Anyway, I'm a big fan of this place, and I will always be a customer who enjoys his overpriced latte in a fancy black matte cup, served with a milky chocolate square, sitting at the terrace outside and smoking his cigarette(sorry not sorry). ☕️🍫
Love & Peace, M

Hey hey hey! Long time no see ladies and gentlemen 🕒 I had a lot of technical and emotional issues through the past months, and I was whiling to be back to the Instagram world, but I was waiting for the right time. And I guess, as I finally have my 7 Plus on hand, it's time to be back. I missed you a lot guys (I never thought Instagram can be such a big part of my life, until I was absent from) nice to see you guys ❤️ #CoffeeandWatchSaga #CoffeeandShoesSaga

When you just arrived in Cambridge, and this beauty drives by 👰🏻💐 the perfect # Solo Driving ❓#MikeGoesCambridge

Sundays are made for travel 🚤 Destination -->📍 Cambridge🇬🇧 #MikeGoesCambridge

🌴Summer vibes from @PalmVaults 🌴
If you're tired of regular lattes or even matcha lattes, please welcome the beetroot one, aka Velvet Latte / aka Pink Latte ☕️💕
Looks like London is not ready for the fall season yet. Go home darling, you're drunk, 31•C / 88•F is a bit too much for September.

🐊 Frank Ocean - Nights 🐊 I know my pictures don't say that, but I'm really in love with Shoreditch and all the places around here (not during Friday / Saturday nights though). I've been exploring new places & shops all the week, and now I'm 100% sure about it, I ♥️ Shoreditch, it gives you a completely different vibe, and you can't say you are in London 🇷🇺 Для тех кто не знаком с Лондоном- Shoreditch это район в восточном Лондоне, это сборище крутых мест, кафешек, магазинов, рынков и очень стильных и крутых людей, или как люди еще говорят Хипстеры (в хорошем смысле этого слова). Еще Shoreditch очень известен среди тусовщиков, так как тут очень много клубов и баров. Но если вы не фанат underground движения и "Европейских тусовок", то дневная прогулка это самое то для вас! #MikeLovesLondon

🏤 Frank Ocean - Seigfried 🏤
Tiny Parisian streets in central London 🇫🇷🇬🇧 This summer was unbelievably hard & busy for me, with lots of new bad & good experiences. It was a tough one, and finally when most likely everything is sorted out, London treats us with sunny days, and pretty burning sun. You are very kind dear city. One more summer almost passed. And I don't regret mine, but how was your summer dears? ☀️🗓🌔

📌FREE COFFEE📌 I've been told you missed me?! ☕️ Mike is back to the business, back to London, back to coffee, and back to his favourite places. Excuse my holidays, but sometimes we all need a break from the things we love. Perfect flat white from our new 3rd shop in Saint Bride! Join our new shop today & tomorrow to grab a free coffee (any kind of) Oops baby, we did it again. Saint Bride Press has finally opened the doors 📌 And thank you very much for all your support guys, thanks to you, we are now over 50k !

#CoffeeandWatchSaga #CoffeeandShoesSaga

🎁🎉🎈23 is like 13, but it's 23. One more year of my life spent with you darlings. I appreciate all your love, suggestions, comments & the positive vibes you gave me through the past year. Now it's time for a good holiday, Happy Birthday to me ☕️🎉 #MikeLovesYou

#ASundayCarPic anyone? 🚙
Looks like it's finally summer in London, never too late, ha?🌤☀️
I'm not a big fan of summertime, due to the hot weather, this is why London always looked like the perfect place for me. I'm really excited about new trips & upcoming projects, stay tuned!

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