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Wild Ginger
I love the delicate designs of the leaves and soft glow on the forest floor. This isn’t the ginger that we all know and love it’s more a kin to vines but is called wild ginger and is native here in California.

Redwoods Impressionistic

“Emotional Landscapes”

There is something burning about the rocky landscape at Valley of Fire. This image shows the rainbow colors of sedimentary stone. The color is due to the presence of iron oxide or hematite. Exposure to the air causes the iron minerals to oxidize, or rust, creating the red, orange, and brown colored rocks.

"She moves in mysterious ways" This image is 100% out of the camera using a subtle camera movement causing a slight blur. It's called intentional camera movement (ICM)

"Middle of nowhere”

Exploring alien landscapes in a remote and hidden area called White Pocket. Swirling, multi-colored formations that allow you to immerse yourself in it's twisting maze. No trails - no other people were around (besides my photography partner) when I was there.

“Elegant Truths"

Finding mystical truths in Navajo canyons with glimpses of light and shadows. From my recent trip to Page Arizona.

Pro Tip: Lower Antelope Canyon no longer allows tripods but the newer cameras with more powerful sensors have the dynamic range to pull off decent single image handheld shots 😎


I just returned from a trip exploring alien landscapes and serene beauty. Something about being somewhere few have traveled and seeing the earth in it’s wild way is very pure to me. This shot was taken from Alstrom Point overlooking Lake Powell.

Thanks to @actionphototours for the adventures!
Stay tuned for an announcement on a new show I am doing in April 🌞

Drama at Sea Ranch

Thinking of you

Hidden Messages

Passing storm

Forbidden tales of impossible circumstances

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