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Today marks seven years since I came out as a gay person. I very much appreciate all of the people that have supported me since that day. While I recognize the strides that this country has made in that time, I know that we still have a long ways to go to make this country safe for all LGBT people.
There are an increasing amount of studies being done on LGBT people showing the psychological damage of being in the closet.A lot of these symptoms point to people having some form of PTSD. Even once LGBT folks come out they are not out of the woods as discrimination and hatred can come from anywhere: walking down the street, political speeches/legislation, and social media can all trigger those PTSD symptoms.
I recognize that I have it relatively easy because I have built a wonderful support system that loves me, I am a white male, and I can blend into a crowd anytime I feel unsafe. That said, I can still be brought down by the things I see and hear - not because I'm weak or a ❄️... but because I know that there are people out there who don't have anyone to reach out to.
As the years have passed I have come be to be so grateful for being gay. The perspective this has given me on the world far outweighs the negatives that I deal with on a daily basis. It also reminds me on a daily basis how important it is to express love towards others even in the most trying of circumstances.
I chose this picture because this is a rare time Sam and I have held hands in public because we still don't really feel comfortable or safe to be affectionate in public. While this is just a small inconvenience in our lives it's still pretty messed up. I understand that a number of people in this country have feelings about LGBT people that stem from their religion. They teach their LGBT youths to treat their uniqueness as a disease. They use their community to bully us. They use their community to shame us. They use their community to pit us and our allies against each other. We must stop letting them divide us. We must use OUR community to build each other back up and extend that love to other minorities.
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Couldn't hike with the family today because of a surfing injury so enjoying the ocean view and trying out a new game. Excited to play New Bedford's one player option.
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Fruit and a fruit drink. #gaysfortishaura #onestlouis

He knows me ❀. #meatheart #meat

218 days from now you will legally become my better half. I'm happy you're finally moving in to our home this week. #πŸ‘¬

Super pumped to get my beautiful new dice tower in the mail from @basicallywooden today. My board game obsession continues to expand. I find the time spent with friends unplugged (off our πŸ“±s) to be super relaxing and fun. #boardgames #boardgamegeek πŸ€“

Happy 28th birthday bro. Still too young to have 3 kids but you do it with your own unique style and grace. I really need some better pics of you because I mostly have screenshots of poopsnaps with super immature comments on them. Love you so much and wish I was in the mountains with you to celebrate. β›·#kroekbros

The nephews first spend the night in the new house. #snipe #brosnight #unclesam

Surprise Christmas themed date for Sammy! He guessed where we were going when I put on Christmas music in the car. πŸ˜‚

If you are not living life on the edge, you are taking up too much space. ❀️ @museumsamstl ❀️
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Ribs and vegan Mac and cheese because 🐷 is πŸ” and lactose is 🚫😡🚫
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