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May yesterday’s lessons lend wisdom for today’s accomplishments.

One of the most interesting parts of being an actor is who other people see you as...
“Zero to Sixty” is not likely a book for your daughter, but I imagine your mom would find it capable of keeping her attention.

If you’re driving towards a goal you might just need a little Rock in your foundation.
@therock has a P.H.D in gratefulness...

The same idea seen from different moods. It reminded me that the mood that we choose to carry around, is also how we chose for other people feel about us... 📸 by: @mikeisontv (DM for inquires)

Any given moment could be your last. @roguewarfaremovie

Super slick shot of my 68 Cougar. Reminds me of GTA vice city poster.
📸 by: @connorskific

Seeing something from a fresh perspective can reinvent your passion.
It can make you remember to appreciate something or someone you’ve had in your life for over twenty years having never seen this side of them.
What new perspective have you gained recently?!

By my vantage point, everything we want out of life is actively building around us at all times. More often than not, we are too paralyzed by analysis to notice the dots,
let alone connect them to our vision.

Get out of your head and onto your feet. Nothing can stop you but you.
📸 by : @byrdfortysix

How you see the world, is how the world see’s you.
📸 by: @mikeisontv
Muse: @andrea_peterman_
#thedarkpr0ject #bali

The best way to become dangerous,
Is to live through danger... #belikewater #innerbrucelee #mma #destroytheday (Fueled by:@gardenoflife)

The freedom of 2 wheels is the closest to 2 wings I have in this consciousness...

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play. My tools are sharper, my mind is open...

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