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Mike Hallquist  You only YOLO once

The downright most patriotic picture taken all weekend (bald eagle on perch slightly off frame). If an american flag blazer, hot dog suit, coors light belt, and 2 brazen spirited youths posing in front of a majestic blue Tahoe landscape doesnt make you shed a tear and be proud to call yourself an American, i dont know what will. #trd #southlakeshitshow2018 #keeptahoeblue #america #teamrawdog #tahoe #kirkwood

In honor of national puppy day i gotta do a shoutout to my #dogs. @jason_quaid @kalhardison u guys truly are mans best friend. You are always happy to see me when i walk in thru the door, and you can always turn up on command. I love u guys. #bowwow

Rolling into 2017 like 🍾🍾🍾 My boy ricky fowler and i both had great years, and we r running into the new year with a full head of steam 🚅 #2017 #singleaf #leggo

Christmas tree lane 2016! And in case you are wondering, Beth is the muscle of the group.

Some views of #tokyoskytree. The city let the general public decide the name for the tallest structure in #tokyo, which a class of grade school students came up with! There's 0% chance of this happening in USA, as Americans are inherently WAY too immature for such a task. I wouldve named it Gods Shuttlecock. And no, this is not where Drake shot his new album cover. #japan #jaba #skytree

Happy #deertuesday! Throwing it back to when i got to kick it with some real OG deer. They represented #nara fo sho. #japan #mtwakakusa #kansai #callmewhiterice #jaba

Golf is a sport built on rich and valuable traditions. No matter who wins or loses, the most important part is that everyone has fun; and the right to get flat-out wasted. #golf #toursauce #3putt

Went to go find a buddha, ended up finding myself. #daibutsu #japan #jaba #kamakura #callmewhiterice

Seen one torii gate, seen em all. All 10,000 plus of them. Fushimi inari-taishi. #inari #torii #mtinari #japan #callmewhiterice

Still got a lot of love for my ex 49er! #alexsmith #chiefs #49ers

Shoutout to @jimharbaugh for coming out to kenneys bday bash. His holyness had only one thing to say: "BET ON BLACK".

Another great year at #fwibf! Cheers to all the great breweries that served up the hoppiest, dankest, most delicious beers on the planet for a bunch of avid alcoholics to enjoy

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