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Mike Gao  Producer / music technologist / PhD Candidate. MIGAMO Music apps: Polyplayground(iPad), Vocal Beater(iOS). Music: HW&W, Alpha Pup


Back from Asia!!! Lost another mini cam fml these da only vids & Flicks i got from ppls sendin em to me. Playing tmrw for @keroone @azuresworld album release at da Resident !!! Check out da fire ass Aries apron and fire fits I copped and me playing w fidget spinner on @rekstizzy Seoul community radio set

Seoul was lit ! Thx to @officialyox and @rekstizzy for blessing me with some 🔥 bars. Dumbfoundead wanted to rap a song but I heard he got too drunk and also @iamduvv was supposed to sing our song but she was outside when I played it lmao. Thx to da promoters jun kwon mixmag and @soapseoul their efforts got the place super poppin and mad ppl copped my #polyplayground app super grateful for them bringing me out. Thx to @cifika_ @wodud @jchoi526 for da vids/pix . Next stop is 4 dates in china !!

About to fly out to Seoul to play this show with @plastickid @someonekim @brillyondabeat @glamgould !!!!

VICE China x Whaley x Creators project show about living in the future finally out and on 4th episode. Going thru 6 countries was tough but was hella fun thanks to director @hlydiahh , cohost @jessieshao , editor @royimd , DP @elliotdebruyn , camera @fanshisan2013 , producers @kkkkarinee @tableforkpants

This jam is me and @wavegroove on my @polyplayground app x breath controller

Playin couple shows in LA!!!! homies @drewsthatdude @tekdotlun project is crazy

I'm top gun these r all da opps I've downed behind me lol 📷:@uncasually .. really recommend #14thfactory art exhibit in LA

this is how you look when you fully boss up on a punk bitch because sometimes they doubt you like that one time you were at the YMCA playing pick up basketball and nobody wanted you on their team and it came down to choosing between you and a midget named Mona which is weird because you've always had a weird attraction to midgets so you were actually hoping neither of you got picked so you could take her in the Gender Neutral bathroom and live out your midget-porn fantasies but you ended up getting picked and scored 15 or the 21 points for the squad because they didn't respect your jumper and let you pull up from the 3 all day so u proceeded to be MikeGao Jordan.. they'll never doubt again #imsittingonbentleysnowbitch | -@rexxliferaj #captiongod

Very rare new project landescape mostly instrumentals except vocal track w homegirl @iamduvv out on all platforms .. link in bio

Really recommend 798 art district in Beijing .. new joint Adventura link in bio

Did you know that blue LEDs are the hardest to make and it took until 2014 to figure out an efficient way to make them? This #Shanghai multilevel overpass is a flex and looks insane in person

Jk I don't condone stealing but If anyone needs a large iPad Pro to run my app on u can go to Quarters restaurant in Korea town, da worker who photobombed us barely guards it on a podium in the front and u can distract him with a group photo

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