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We lost George tonight. It's weird to say we lost him because He was never really ours to begin with. My husband had a rather unique relationship with George, after all George came into Johnny's life with some street cred. He was a rescue. He had a life before John and John respected that. They got on as pals more than pet and owner. It was unique and something very special that I feel lucky to have been privy too.

From the first time I met George I knew he was special. He did the exact thing Sampson did when I realized I was being adopted by him rather than the other way around. He reached his paw out, gently but with purpose, rested it on my cheek and meowed a couple times. Followed by the head boop.
George was a caretaker cat, through and through. When ever either of us got sick he never left our sides.
George loved people and attention. We often jokingly dealt him into games we were playing.
He would talk to you and answer back. John often made fun of me when I told him that George and I had a lengthy conversation,but George had an opinion on everything and wouldn't hold back from expressing it. Like the time John and I were going away for the weekend, I just finished packing and was loading the rental car, I hadn't emptied his litter box yet because I had planned to do it last thing before I left. Anyway I come back from taking a car load down, George sees me and walks over to my backpack, climbs up, squats, locks eyes with me and pees. He ruined that bag, but I still find that to be one of my favorite George stories.
He really was unlike any cat I've ever had the fortune of meeting. From the time I met him I felt like I'd always known George, like he was a reincarnation of another familiar soul. He really was one of a kind. I miss him so much already.
There are dozens of stories I can share about him in the short 4 years he was in my life.

Good luck on your next journey George. Thanks for hanging out with us this leg of it. Hope to find you again. #goodbye

Can't complain about this #sunset. #skyporn #clouds #bayridge

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