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Mike Fiech  ⏹Professional DANCER located in BERLIN⏹ 🔼Representing RICHFAM and DanceEncore🔽 ⏺For contact & booking:: michael.fiech@web.de⏺

Musical gives me LIFE!
Simply love working at the theatre! 🕺🏻
📸 by @michaelboehmlaender
#DiePäpstin #DasMusical

Watch my new footage on my IGTV! 📺

I am really happy about this piece! 👌🏼
For a couple of years I stopped choreographing to songs I actually like... sounds dumb, right?!
I was creating to all these new-age-trend-trap-beats-stuff and I forgot who I actually am. I just wanted to fit in all the hype which is now this type of genre (and I don't like this music... some beats are catchy but damn... lyrics?!?!). Before all of this I started choreographing to songs like the one in my uploaded video. Acoustic Piano or Guitar, Soulful singer, MEANINGFUL lyrics and a lot of FEELING!!!
But I will tell you now... I am back with dramatic choreographies, tears and chills and I won't even try to choreograph to something else I don't even like 100%!!
Hate it or love it!
If you looking for crazy fast choreographies, swag, trendmoves, etc. you should go to somebody else haha!

I learned my lesson! 😏

Have a great day and enjoy the piece!!! Dancing (after my solo so don't tap away and watch it all 😉) with @kien_trinh , @heinrich_herrmann , @karenschweiger and @zhianlu !!!
and some amazing students from my workshop!
@luise_knofe organized this amazing event called @fulloutdanceworkshop !
Filmed by @artifactphotography 😊

Jumping into lifegoals like...
such a beautiful place to work at! 👌🏼
Having a bit of fun outside rehearsals!! 🕺🏻
Shooting with @kristy_ann_butry & @kikiwurche 📸
Edit by @kristy_ann_butry ✂️
#OnesieLifestyle #KristyNeeded53246TakesToGetHerShotRight #INeededOne #🦁 #ThisWeatherIsConfusingMe #TooWarmForDecemberButIDontMindAtAll 👌🏼 #Show4OnSaturday #CantWait!!! #DiePäpstin #DasMusical

I am really proud of this footage! 😄 I learned this piece in 10-15 minutes! 😳
Almost missed the class of @luise_knofe due to some train-difficulties but I said to myself "There is no excuse now! I need to learn it!" especially because she is the one who made it happen that I was able to teach there! It's a RESPECT-thing to take the organizers class in my opinion! 😏
Loved every second of the last couple minutes of your class, Luise! 🕺🏻😉 Dancing with @kien_trinh , @karenschweiger and @zhianlu at the @fulloutdanceworkshop 😎
Filmed by @artifactphotography 📽
#Levels #LovedThisEvent #IfYouHaveTheChanceToAttendThisWeekend #ThenDoNotHesitateToGoThere #MyFriendsAreAwesome #Gamechangers #AndAwesome #RICHFAM #RICHBOYZ #KILLER

Dancing with friends is AWESOME!!!
Choreography by my awesome friend @zhianlu !!!
Danced by awesome friends @kien_trinh , @karenschweiger and @zhianlu !!!
@fulloutdanceworkshop organized by my awesome friend @luise_knofe !!!
filmed by the awesome @artifactphotography !!!

Love being a student! Especially on Events which are organized by close friends!!! 🤘🏻👑
Dancing in @karenschweiger class 👌🏼😎👽 amazing teacher and dancer! Enjoyed it very much! 😉
From left to right::
#JustDipIt #Shaggy #ItWasntMe #IWasSoHappyWhileDancingThisPiece #KarenGaveUsSomeOldschoolVibes 🕺🏻

#Throwback to a class by @deniswe @deniswedance !
Dancing next to my brother from another mother @jonathanlukasott and to @angelmontes on the right 🤘🏻😏
Thanks for class, Mr. Weckbach! 👌🏼
Filmed by @trjeff 📽
#MyEndposesAreAlwaysTooMuch #LoveIt #😂

Had a FUN time with this bunch @teamrecycled 😎🕺🏻
Check out the full video on Youtube or @josh.malo page 💪🏼
Thank you, Josh! 😊
"Get back right" by @lecrae, @zaytovenbeatz & @reachrecords 👌🏼
#CheckOutMyPoseAtTheEnd #ClassicalBalletPoseWithAFierceCommercialLook #Fusion #Trendsetter #IAmSuchAClown #IWontChangeThough 😂🤫

Had a great 1st Musical!
It was sometimes chaotic but WE KILLED THAT!!!
Definitely in love with musicals now!
#DerRing #DasMusical #LoveBeingAFierceCharacterOnStage #OnToTheNextMusical #DiePäpstin 😎🕺🏻

Another one by @aneliajaneva !!
#SheIsAmazing #EnoughSaid

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