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Tons of things went wrong on my birthday.

1. The parentals suddenly couldn't celebrate it with me
2. Greeka Kouzina, one of my favorite restaurants (where my siblings and i went to have dinner), closed down! (The Banawe Branch, at least.)
3. Samgyupsalamat, Plan B restaurant, was waaaay too crowded
4. The fucking parking lot in Samgyupsalamat was a fucking death trap! The space was so narrow that we wasted 30 minutes in the freaking parking basement!!!
5. The Fisher Mall cinema schedule on clickthecity was wrong, so we ended up not being able to watch
6. I got served tutong garlic rice when we finally settled at a restaurant
7. (Totally unrelated to the barrage of bad lucks during dinner) My chiller in Poke Shack didn't arrive on time. Had to start the day all messy and cluttered in the resto.

But none of that really mattered. I still enjoyed. Thanks to the epic celebration with Man U the night before, Mark, my brother, who kept me laughing the whole day, and especially Nikki, who spent every minute of my birthday with me while still managing to surprise me with gifts multiple times through out the day.:) Thanks, Love.:) I love you.:)

Birthday Highlights:
Man U Celebration!
Man U Cake Photo!
Nikki's Morning Surprise Gift!
My Nightwing POP Collection increasing by one!
Customized Cupcakes!
Lunch and Dinner with Family

Sa wakas, napanuod din ang 'Sa Wakas'!❤❤❤ Some thoughts:
1) Ganda! Love Sugarfree! Love Ebe! On a Sugarfree sountrack high! Ang ganda ng arrangements!
2) Ang sakit! So realz yo! Anyone who's ever been in a failed relationship will relate and relate HARD.
3) Galing nung performers! The quality is so much better than most Filipino movies! Partida, walang retakes mga to!

Bottomline, glad I got to watch this on their farewell run! 8/10!

Obligatory Lion King poster backdrop photo.

Reactions to the play:
1) What production quality! What spectacle! The contraptions they made to adapt the cartoon to live-action were ingenious!
2) Ang BI pala nina Timon and Pumba no? What was Disney thinking making them so likeable?:))
3) Medyo pedo si Scar.:|

Even my brip is Marvel.

Random Summer Inuman with Man U.:)

For the best P100 I've ever spent in my LIFE!!!! Glad to have been there for such a historic moment for Philippine Football!

We're all probably gonna share this but I still wanna keep a record of this photo on my IG and FB walls just coz I love these guys so much.:)

Sobrang mukhang tanga.

Pero enjoy.:) 📷 @migsdejesus

Probably my favorite photo of the weekend.❤🏖 Thanks @migsdejesus for taking it!

By far the biggest, farthest, (in my opinion) most fun Man U outing to date!
From the Lazy Boy Bus experience, to the Lugaw Midnight, to the Palenke Adventure, Bagasbas Beach Drunk Football, Patintero, Uno Cards, Pinoy Henyo, Feelings Sharing, and Beach Munimuni, every second of the weekend was a blast!
Love you guys!:) To more team outings and general randomness!:) 📷 @migsdejesus @marionmonique

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