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Michael Varall  🔹Head Performance Coach at SETS Freehold💪🏼 🔹1st Phorm Legionnaire💯 🔸email: mikev@setsbuilt.com 🦁 🔸👻: mv3k "Do or do not, there is no try."🙌🏼


When you look in the mirror what do you see ? Someone you’re proud of or no ? Someone you’re happy with or upset with? Someone chasing greatness or chasing mediocrity ? Someone you say you truly understand and know or someone whose in reality a complete stranger? That last question means everything. Your primary concern throughout your entire life is to cultivate who you truly are, manifest that person into reality and show the world who you are with no mercy or guilt. People are going to think, say and feel either great things or horrible things about you. That shit doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is having the ability to stare into the mirror and truly know who is staring back. I may only be 24 but when I stare into the mirror, I know who the PHUCK I AM and I will continue the show the world who I am and what I stand for without yours or ANYBODY’S permission. I’m on my mission and I’m locked on the target. Obstacles in my eyes, don’t exist because I’m aware of who I am. Recognize yourself, know yourself, understand yourself, BE YOURSELF. ☝🏼❤️💯

Can’t express enough how grateful I am for this weekend. First our SETSYS Christmas party with the entire SETS fam, followed by SantaCon in Asbury with some great friends and finally a solid HIIT sesh with my dude Devin and a Day with the pups ! These people along with many others whom aren’t in these photos are the reason why I smile on a daily basis and live my life with absolute gratitude every single moment. Surround yourself with some good ass people and make your life your best life! ☝🏼❤️💯

Brought my girl to the Jackson Dojo today to get a grind sesh in with the boss man and myself! She was puttin’ us to work during that damn beep test! 🤣😩 Love this lady and the bond that we have. Legit my best friend. Want a kickass workout partner? Go get yourself a Doberman ! ☝🏼❤️💯

Been nothing but smiles lately. Everything is FINALLY starting to fall into place and I’ve NEVER felt as amazing as I feel at this current moment. I’m so glad I decided to embark on this new journey. Finally feel like I’ve discovered my staircase that leads towards greatness. Only thing left to do now is to begin making the climb. Quit doing shit you aren’t meant to do. Go out and find YOUR greatness Pham !☝🏼❤️💯

Ending this Monday like I do everyday, meditate and reflect. To stay in tune with my body and mind. Making sure everything is perfectly aligned both physically and mentally. Working my hardest and staying focused for the end of the year. How well are you prepared for 2018? Is it the year you bust out of your comfort zone and do some epic shit or another year of the same old shit? That’s for you to decide. Me, I’m currently polishing off the battering ram I’ll be charging through with into the new year. It will be MY year to dominate. Simply staying ahead of the game and waiting patiently. Just gotta reflect and remind yourself what the true goal is and how to currently reach it. Recognize your passion, create a way to make it able to provide an income, align yourself with ALL of this information and finally, go DOMINATE. It’s time for you to stop doing the same old shit year after year and setting yourself up for future regrets. It’s time for you to make the changes necessary... NOW. ☝🏼❤️💯

Throwback to this amazing view at Mogollon Rim last summer. This site along with all of the others I visited during my time in Arizona really put life into perspective for me. I just remember standing there, scanning the area thousands of feet in air with no words to say other than “this is fucking unreal.” Honestly the greatest feeling in the world being able to enjoy and appreciate life being deeply imbedded in nature, away from the crowded world. I can’t wait to visit there again as well as many other sites I have in mind. My goal is to visit every country one day, multiple times. I want to see EVERYTHING this planet has to offer and connect with as many different individuals as possible. I just want to learn as much as I can from as many as I can. It’s the only reason why I work as hard as I do. I can’t wait to fulfill this dream of mine one day. Stop being so rooted into where you live. Go explore the world. ☝🏼❤️💯

This is a quote by Oscar Wilde that I discovered watching Ancient Civilizations on Gaia earlier today. I am still trying to pick it apart and decipher the true meaning behind it. You can literally interpret this quote from so many different perspectives it’s amazing. I think the way I’m going to interpret this quote is that this so called dreamer can only follow their path while they are actually asleep dreaming since majority of society is well known to deem dreams impossible to achieve. Now, their punishment of seeing the dawn to me means seeing the truth about being able to actually manifest their dreams into reality. They can see this before the rest of the world or the rest of society can see this being truthful. Knowing the truth and trying to get people to understand the truth but won’t budge as well as belittle you for your belief of it is the punishment I feel they are dealing with. That’s my whole perception on the quote. What’s your thoughts? How do you perceive this quote in your mind? Comment below and let me know ! ☝🏼❤️💯

Ended this epic Monday with a solid meditation session. I’m beginning to actively do things purposely out of my comfort zone in order to relinquish the fear of being uncomfortable in any situation. For example, meditating in 37 degree weather with light clothes on. At first freezing my ass off but once I got deep into the session all feeling was lost and my focus was set solely inward. Once I came out of the session all of a sudden I felt my feet numb from the cold, proving how powerful the mind can be. Forcing myself in this uncomfortable atmosphere to quiet my mind without focusing on external forces is such a powerful way to translate the feeling I had of laser sharp focus towards any situation that challenges my comfort zone. I’m going to keep challenging myself more and more out of my comfort zone to see just how much I can push myself. I truly believe my limit is endless, and so is yours. Make some magic happen this week people. CHALLENGE YOUR COMFORT ZONE. ☝🏼❤️💯

Took advantage of this beautiful day like I always do with my girl. Always enjoy stopping to soak in nature and reflect upon the past few days. Thanksgiving marked one month of me being on a primarily plant-based diet with the exception of whey protein which I actually cut out last week. Scroll left and you’ll see my one month transition from the diet as well as doing strictly HIIT based training 5-6 days per week. I started all of this on 10/23 so the changes on the graph include roughly a few weeks of my old habits but I can’t be anymore pleased with these results. Losing 7.3 pounds, only 2 of those pounds being from muscle as well as dropping 1.3% of body fat. On top of the physical changes the way I now operate just feels like a total new level. More energy, more alertness, more efficiency and most of all more clarity. I’ve never felt this good in my entire life. Guys, I’ve been training like a PHUCKIN’ athlete, busting my ASS every workout and I’ve been able to maintain a healthy weight, getting in plenty of protein and performing better than I ever have in my life. My point is, this shit isn’t impossible like most make it seem to be. With 2018 on the horizon I can’t be anymore excited for what’s to come. I’m going to continue these habits and see if this diet can be stable, but I have no doubt it can be solely based off of the way I feel. I now have new goals in place which are creating new avenues that are ultimately going to force me more and more out of my comfort zone. Most fear this, I embrace it. Don’t be afraid of change. Live your best life. ☝🏼❤️💯

This machine is my phuckin’ arch nemesis man. Most absolute painful experience during but by far the best rewarding, especially when you see that meter number pop up that you’ve been aiming for. Tomorrow will be one month exactly being on my new journey and I’ve seen some killer improvements with my muscular/cardiovascular endurance. I can’t be anymore stoked about it. Weighing myself tomorrow to see what’s changed thus far going from tons of animal proteins to primarily plant-based. Have fun tonight people, be safe and if your grinding with me tomorrow SETS fam lets get PHUCKIN HYPED BECAUSE WE’RE GUNNA CRUSH IT. 🔥🔥💪🏼🔥🔥💯💯💯🙌🏼☝🏼❤️

Starting off this week strong with nothing but positive vibes and tunnel vision towards my ultimate dream ! Little quote I developed for the fam today to hopefully help motivate them both inside and outside of these walls. I can’t express enough how important it is to find out what your true passion really is and making career out of it. Almost a year ago I decided to finally step foot upon this journey, best decision I’ve ever made hands down and I know my future self will thank me for it. Heading through this cave and coming across some dead ends here and there but I’m too focused on the dream so I won’t ever give up. You shouldn’t either. Don’t set yourself up to wind up regretting your life. Go chase whatever the PHUCK you want and make some shit happen. 🔥🙌🏼💯

Had a great morning coaching some of the Jackson fam followed by kicking my own ass with just me and some loud ass tunes. Being a coach for SETS is something I’m truly grateful for. Myself and my fellow coworkers are beyond personal trainers, that’s why we call ourselves coaches. We don’t just transform bodies, we transform LIVES. I try to make sure that I’m the best available coach to both my teams. I need to set the example. I need to prove to all of them that anything I tell them to do I can PHUCKIN’ dominate. I practice what I preach and push myself beyond my limits for each and everyone of them both within AND outside of these walls. THAT is why I’m a coach, NOT a personal trainer. I’m a physique shaper. I’m a life changer. I’m a leader. I’m also twenty-PHUCKIN-four doing ALL of this. I’m honored to be recognized as one of the leaders for this company and I will ALWAYS make sure that I provide the best service to my team that I can and help them however they need me to. I plan on transforming as many lives as I possibly can. I’m growing more and more as the days go on in all aspects of life. I’m making this mind/body/spirit complex one of the best there are, for others to follow in my footsteps and help me change the world. To my fellow people working in the fitness community go ask yourself, are you a personal trainer? Or are you a COACH. If you’re not a coach, BECOME ONE.🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💥💪🏼💥🙇🏽‍♂️🙌🏼☝🏼❤️

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