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We going HARDER @mikesharderlemonade #ad

My fav day in Hawaii was standing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean getting hammered w my closest homies. What a vibe. After reviewing the game tape tho, they clearly don’t love or respect me enough to lmk I had 1 piece of hair standing straight up for the entirety of our day. Imma poo poo hair guy in general so I’ll roll w the punches & post one that I look happy & kinda jacked in. Fuck it.

BIG MAN song & video just dropped (link in bio)

New song #AllHits is out now everywhere (link in bio). I hope u love it. Listen. #KEEPGOING

Life is hard sometimes. I’ve had a lot of great things happen in my life. I’ve been just flat out LUCKY in so many ways... and yet still, I have these daily struggles in my mind. At every phase of my life & success, I’ve always EXPECTED that to change. Like ok mike.. you got the house u wanted, u got the money u dreamed about, u have amazing ppl that care about u... EVERYTHING should feel and be right... and it’s legitimately never been the case. Sure, there are amazing days, weeks, months, but what I’ve learned thru this journey is life isn’t supposed to be fucking easy. Look around... it’s just not. Being human isn’t easy. But it’s a fucking blessing. We are lucky to be here, be alive & have the chance to make something of our time on earth. As I’ve gotten older and experienced more, I’ve grown away from social media and constantly posting stuff, and it’s not because of a disconnect from u all, or caring less, or being too caught up in this lifestyle. It’s actually quite the opposite... I’m trying to find my true happiness. I know there’s more to life than ppl following ur daily life, and giving u approval with a click of a button. But when I do use social media, I’ve made a promise to myself to just SHARE... genuinely share what I’m learning with anyone who’s interested in listening... and trying to help any of u who are in need of some direction. My advice is this... actively LOOK for the good in everything & everyone. I suck at it, but I’m fucking trying my hardest... and I already know it’s a huge key to feeling truly happy. Appreciate this all.. the good & the bad...and things will be OK. I promise steve. KEEPGOING.

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Been around the world, still looking.

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