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I lost one of my best friends to suicide and it taught me to love harder. Don't take life, or your loved ones for granted because, you may not get another chance to say, "I love you." Chester, your words spoke volumes to me. Whatever troubled you here in this place we call Earth, you are free now, RIP #chesterbennington #RIP #linkinpark

To have someone with as big a heart, courage under fire, and the ability to lead, it's no wonder why you're my big brother! Special bornday shoutout to my big bro! @echristophera I love you, I am blessed to have you in my life, and wish you many more! #bigbro #happybornday #birthdaywishes

When I was in the fifth grade, I had a teacher scold me for sitting while they sang the national anthem. Her white face red with anger at my refusal to stand for a flag that never represented me in the first place. I was young, but still aware of the injustices my people faced daily (thank God for my woke family). Fast forward, I commend this brother #colinkaepernick and his continued stand, or kneel in this case, against racism and inequality. If this brother does not take the field this season, I refuse to watch any #NFL game. I will #boycott anything that attempts to blacklist or discredit this brother or anyone else, sports figure, or otherwise, who chooses to represent the people and not falter under the pressures of white supremacy. To all the trolls who will say, "go back to your country!" Remember who BUILT IT. 👊👊👊 #isitwithkaepernick

One of the greatest rappers of all time! His bars have been turned into the scratch hooks of #common #nonphixion #vinniepaz just to name a few...You will be sorely missed but, you left behind a musical legacy we can celebrate! Rest In Power #prodigy #mobbdeep #thisisrapforrealsomethingyoufeel

Life in #NYC aint for the faint of heart!! #prodigy of #mobbdeep spittin #facts since #wayback #mobbdeepmonday #alwaysonthegrind

My dad was like, "my son loves your music!" #dmx was more than happy to oblige with this dope pic. So, happy Father's Day to one of the coolest guys I know! I love you dad, enjoy your day! #fathersday #mydadbeencool #HipHop #ruffryders #darkmanx #throwback

I'll be celebrating all week long! Peace to the ancestors, your strength is why I'm here. I am honored to be part of such an amazing legacy and look to "Get Out" of the miseducation one day at a time. All praises due to the Most High, while I focus on this #thirdeye yours truly, #MikeNotes #sungod #theblackmanisgod #theblackwomanisgod #melanin #nurimuhammad

When you're #unapologeticallyblack they #fear you

What are you willing to give up to get the respect you deserve? You #woke folks ready to find a new hobby? Pastime? Or, are you comfortable with massah tellin YOU what's acceptable in "his" world? #colinkaepernick #wakeupblackpeople #makeyourowntable

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