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Mike "3000" Wattz  🇯🇲Not just "another" being, yet "another" being none the less. 👽🤘🏿✌🏿 I do alot of shit, I'm a lifestyle connoisseur! 🌐🇹🇹


Better stay still and hold the shit out that pose 🤣🤣🤣

Forever Grateful
Every Blessing
Every Lesson
Every Come Up
Every Set Back
Every Relationship
Every Side Bitch
Don’t be so sensitive
I was a side nigga 🤷🏿‍♂️
#issavibe #mike3kwattz #artist #lifestyleconnoisseur #brand #rudeyardie


If this counts for 3 we checking the ball🤷🏿‍♂️ “your ball no point!” 🤣🤣🤣

B4 & After

I’ll be honest I really didn’t know how much work really happened until I looked at these pics. .
Whatever you have planned for yourself in life go after that shit and don’t let anyone discourage you! Your gut knows best! You’ll be surprised how much shit works out when you flow with the universe! 👽🤘🏿✌🏿

My brothers got shit popping off this year 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Slide in my dms 👽🤘🏿✌🏿 Yet I’m so serious though!
Come thru for some chill fun and good vibes.

Excuse me?
Hear who?
I ain’t Norton
Still block negativity
Like it’s a virus or something
#issavibe #mike3kwattz #lifestyleconnoisseur #brand #artist #rudeyardie #blackwallstreet

Rachel: I never know what to do in pictures.
Me: It’s cool you just flew air 3000 Wattz so they’ll understand!
Rachel: *smiles*
I’m not a Barber, I’m not a Hairdresser, I am Mike 3000 Wattz the lifestyle connoisseur 👽🤘🏿✌🏿
#issavibe #mike3kwattz #lifestyleconnoisseur #brand #artist #rudeyardie

To you this might mean nothing but to us it means everything! 🇯🇲💪🏿 👽🤘🏿✌🏿 #issavibe #mike3kwattz #lifestyleconnoisseur #artist #brand #rudeyardie

She asked where can she sit down/
I said my face/
She proceeded with haste/
I said hold on let me say my grace/
You’re welcome /
I muttered with face covered/
My lips taste ecstasy/
While her giggles turn to moans/
My tongue plays rhythmic tones/
On her soul strings/
Now her moans sings/
Don’t stop/
Right there/
As if I need the guidance/
Yet her highness/
Is at her highest height/
Quick slurp and she takes flight/
Juices flow/
Her body shakes/
“I’m coming” squeaks through/
She slides to lay beside me/
As if I were done/
I whisper in her ear/
We’ve only just begun/ 👽🤘🏿✌🏿 #issavibe #mike3kwattz #lifestyleconnoisseur #artist #brand #rudeyardie

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