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mike  certified member of the thot patrol 🚓

It don't seem like it really be this way, but it do. Stay shwoke kids

Met some internet friends today it was dope even tho they stole my coats and cash lmao

My nibba jairen @yxjai made this song lil goomba and I liked it so I made an edit

new coat

Sometimes shit gets shitty and you think "shit, I don't want to deal with this shit anymore" but that's just the way shit is, it gets less shitty and it gets shittier. You just have to go through that it all because that's the shit.

The delegate, who also won Best Dressed 🎉, of the Union of Burma had a great time at MUN last week and wishes the best to all its fellow SPECPOL delegates! It's too bad my anthem didn't change to one dance by Drake by, but at least we solved the crisis by completely giving away the rahkine state lmao. To those who went on the trip with me, what happened in Prague stays in Prague 😂😉
P.S. for the rest of you, our committee kinda united the entire world into the the country of Mars' Backyard so yeah 😂

Well, winter's coming to an end and so here's a nice little compilation for the past 4 months. thanks for the vids @emmamorica

A collection of half ass sorta smiles including the only pictures I took of our *cough cough* "wonderful" freshmen prom lmao. Have a good vacation for those leaving and see y'all next year for those staying!
Une collection de demi sourires car je sais pas exprimé la joie à part avec ( °- °) et les seuls photos que j'ai pris du bal des 3emes (des photos de moi mdr le narcissisme). Bonne vacances à tout les potos qui se barrent (looking at you Edgar) et à l'année prochaine pour les autres!
mdr j'aurais du posté ça y'a deux semaines je suis grave en retard lmao

Warm days of April

Highlight of my winter
Edit: it's been two years and norgay still hasn't paid me my 5 bucks

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