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He already looks different.
His carseat is somehow heavier.
His schedule is jacked up.
And I just packed up his newborn clothes today...currently crying... 1 month and counting 💙
#ColtEverett #onemonthold

They warned me.
They told me that the time goes by so fast so hold you while I can...
So I have been.

For 1 month now, I've held you as much and as long as I could. Even when your dad said to put you down and go get some rest while you were napping, I didn't listen... Instead I took full advantage of every moment we've shared. Every early morning feeding, just before dawn, when I could pray over you and the man you will be.
Everytime you sneeze, you make this adorable sigh afterwards.
Everytime you cried and somehow only I could comfort you in that instant.
When you turn your head when you hear my voice.
Even now, when you've been awake almost all day and still wont go to sleep...Im cherishing each and every second I get to have with you.
I have loved watching you grow this month and I can't wait to see how much you change over the next month and in the years to come.
But for now, I'll hold you a little closer and a little longer because you'll only be this small right now.
I love you son.
#ColtEverett #letterstomyson

Hey bub. I can't believe you're 3 weeks old already. Time sure has flown by and you're growing so fast. These past few mornings you've let me sleep a little later and as much as I'm thankful for that time, I was kinda missing our early morning moments...but this morning you gave this mommas heart just what it needed. Snuggle time with you is one of my most cherished times.

In these moments, it's just us 3. You. Me. And our Maker.
I get to hold you close and kiss your sweet face. You rest quietly on my chest while I sing to you and rock you back to sleep. And I pray.
I pray that you will grow big and strong and healthy. I pray you get are strong willed, yet willing to hear others POV. I pray you are tough, but gentle.
I pray you see how fiercely your daddy loves me and that you grow up learning how to love your future bride. I pray you see our love and relationship as a reflection of Christ's love and relationship with the Church.
Speaking of your daddy, just a heads up...hes kinda weird, but my goodness how I adore how he loves the Lord. That's something to mimic.
I love you son. And I will always be here for you.
#ColtEverett #letterstomyson

Having such a blast for @rckrause bachelorette party!!!! Love these girls!!

Soo good to see this beauty!!!

Love these 3 girls with all of my heart! Im so proud to present them in from of our faith family this #seniorsunday

There is hope.

Kinda love these guys...

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