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Mikayl Nikola  💖started my pole fitness journey the beginning of 2015 🙌 🚼 Emery Rose Nikola 12.3.17

I start school next week so I took Emery school clothes shopping. 😂🙌🏻 #emery🌹

Happy anniversary to my Husband! First year of marriage down and many more to come. First year of marriage has been crazy! Back to school, new baby, new goals. Happy we got a night out! We haven’t changed much. Commandeered a bouncy trampoline tower, danced with a bunch of older couples, and invented a new shooter drink 😭😂🙈 now back to the regularly scheduled programming where we’re responsible parents now. Not hooligans. 🙌🏻🥂

30 is the new 20.
#almost30club #coolmom

Just loving aerial hammock and pole fitness. My baby 😭💖🙌🏻 #emery🌹 #onyxstrong #polefit #aerialbaby #circuseverydamnday #badkittypride #coolmom #fitmom

My heart... Emery just got her new bow from @jaelilyco and it did not disappoint. 🙈 I’m officially dying... can’t wait to get more! Super stretchy and comfy.. and HUGE!! It’s perfect 💖😍😍 #emery🌹 #babyfashion #hairbows #babygirl #jaelilymodelsearch #jaelilyBRS

Anniversary is this week. One year down. This year has been one of our most challenging so far. New baby. School. Work. Working out asses off to make our future bright. Through all the changes one thing is constant and it’s the love I feel when I’m with you. Cheers to many more years and thank you for giving me every opportunity to live my best life, ya shit head. 😭💖😍

#worldbreastfeedingweek still going strong. Cherishing these moments. So thankful and proud of this body to have officially sustained human life for 18 months (pregnant for about 10 and now she’s about 8) no sign of stopping anytime soon. Letting her take the lead! It’s so bittersweet watching her change. Part of me wants this forever.. part of me can’t wait till she starts slamming doors and telling me no. #girlmom #bringonthedrama #breastfeedingwithoutfear #legalinall50statesnow #finally #breastfedbaby

I post about her a lot but honestly she’s always on my mind and damn it that smile just gets me. I hope she’s this happy at least 90% of the time for her whole life. I hope she always knows that her smile could melt an ice castle. My baby. #emery🌹

The best family photo and a glimpse into the future: yes baby girl your parents really are that fuckin weird. #nikolaclan #emery🌹 #airplanerideswithweirdos

Reposting!! I can’t believe we’ve made it to 8 months! She looks so little in this photo I could cry. Doing some new breastfeeding photos tomorrow because I’m just so damn happy my body allows me to do this still. If Emery has her way she will breastfeed for life lil booby magnet... but for now I’ll plan for two ish years? 💖😍 so blessed. Photo: @highiso_photography —I cropped it a smidge this time. #emery🌹 #normalizebreastfeeding #roses #almondmilkbath #cowmilkisnasty #breastfeeding #breastmilk #lalecheleague also... #worldbreastfeedingweek

It’s tough bein cute. #emery🌹 @cafesolstice chillin eating beets. #babyvans #babyblingbows

Starting this journal for my cute mermaid turd. I miss writing for fun and need a creative outlet. Basically writing her letters. Advice, bullshit, shenanigans, reminding her how fuckin awesome she is. That sorta stuff. Then when she’s older and thinks I’m lame she can read it and smile. And maybe even decide to quit being a butthole . (All teenage girls are buttholes at some point) anyway. #gratitude #emery🌹 #imacoolmom #mermaid

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