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Weekend chills...

Friday night in the club, the gym club. Quick power session at @planetfitnessza Wanderers to end off the week. Did you get your workouts in this week?
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Pray for them... We rise, by lifting others...

Have you booked your sweat session with me this weekend?
I teach Thursday at 12h30 and 17h15
Friday at 08h30 and Saturday at 09h30.
DM me for more details. #MikaMadeMeSWEAT

Dear gay child, there is nothing wrong with you, you are perfect...
This is a weird, funny story I thought I'd share and seeing as it's #PRIDE month overseas, I think it makes perfect sense. Last week I received a DM from @just_asc to meet for coffee. I had no idea why this person wanted to meet me for coffee, so I asked what was the agenda for this meeting and then this followed. To be honest, I vaguely remember him, but perhaps my subconscious had deleted those parts of my life.
I went to an all boys primary school and you can imagine how painful that could have been for a flamboyant little gay like me. I was always the odd one out, the last boy to be picked for soccer and the little kid who was bullied by almost the whole school. I think this is why I was so passionate about my version of NOH8 South Africa and creating the Push Purple Anti Bullying campaign. Luckily I was strong enough and managed to deal with the hate, perhaps there was just so much love at home. Whatever, I am lucky; a lot of children get sick, depressed and even commit suicide.
So I found this note from my old bully really inspiring and motivating. He realised, when growing up that what he did was wrong and he tried to apologize (apparently he tried a few years ago, at one of my extravagant birthdays, but I was to busy being Mika Stefano) He said that he has been meaning to apologize and say sorry for his actions for many years. He continued to say he he himself as a child was going through a lot at home and it was a way of him venting.
I really appreciate his message and I actually did meet with him after many years of not seeing each other. I thought it be best to invite him to one of my SWEAT 1000 classes, so I could bully him a bit..lol.. (swipe left to see us now)
I wanted to share this story so all my gay followers can remember there is nothing wrong with them. If you have had someone bully you, it's often because they have their own issues. People hate because they don't understand, peer pressure or they have their own insecurities. I applaud and thank Sergio for being brave enough to apologize and take responsibility for the hurt he put me through. Thank you @just_asc

[Audio Clip] Parts of today's interview with the incredible @pabimoloi on @powerfm987. I joined the inspiring @sameshni_moodley_ and @martinhiller to talk about the very first @fibo_africa coming to Africa at the end of October. Swipe right to hear parts of the interview. For the full interview visit the PowerFM website.
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Life is a drag... Happy #PRIDE month... Love Holly!!!

#FlashBackFriday. Last year this time I was at #LondonPride. After the festival, @donz2050 and I had an impromptu photo shoot in the Underground. This was after I spent the day roaming the streets of London in my undies. Only at #gaypride #pride in London. Swipe left to see the naughtiness... [Adults Only]

I mean... ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ

Spinning session with @val_m02 at @planetfitnessza Bedfordview. Slowly incorporating spinning into my training schedule. Have you tried spinning?

Don't worry or stress about things you can't change. Smile and enjoy each moment to the fullest.

What an awesome morning session we had at the #FITAffair3 fitness event yesterday. Over 300 people doing three sessions! What a vibe! Was honored to be one of the instructors and the emcee. But was even more inspired by all the beautiful ladies who woke up early on a winter Saturday morning to come kick ass. You guys were amazing. Can't wait for the next #FITaffair powered by @fitnessmagsa and @biogensa. Thank you also to my fabulous friends who came to support and show love. To see more, visit the FITAffair highlight on my main page. ๐Ÿ“ธ: @bohang_m

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