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🐥 #BirdS SinG FlyinG ArounD... YoU NeveR SeE TheM ToO LonG ON ThE GrounD I AlwayS WanteD TO BE OnE OF TheM 🐣

• ThrowinG SalT ON MY NamE WiLL OnlY SeasoN MY SaucE • #ISiTinSilencEAloT 🎥

MosT PeoplE ArE PussieS ... ScareD TO BE WhaT GOD HaD MadE TheM TO BE !!!!!

.... 🎂 TODAY ISSA VERY X VERY SPECIAL DAY !!!!! HolD ON LeT ME ExplaiN... WheN I FirsT MeT YoU, I Didn'T KnoW ThaA YoU WerE GonnA BE ThiS ImportanT TO ME !!!!! SoO ImportanT ThaT I JusT NeeD TO KnoW ThaT YoU ArE AlivE AnD WeLL SomewherE IN ThiS WorlD EveN IF It'S NoT BY MY SidE !!!!! MY #PARTNER IN #CRIME YoU ThE OnlY PersoN ThaT I KnoW WhO EveR TraveleD TO AnotheR CountrY YoU NeveR BeeN BeforE JusT TO ChecK ON ME AS SooN AS YoU HearD ThaA I HaD A CaR AccidenT !!!!! BeforE I EveN StarteD TO #PainT YoU WerE AlreadY TellinG ME ThaT YoU Couldn'T WaiT TO SeE X AcquirE MY FirsT #PaintinG !!!!!
DeaR #BROTHER I Don'T KnoW HoW TO ThanK YoU BuT I'M DefinitelY BlesseD TO HavE YoU IN MY #LifE !!!!! It'S BeeN LikE ThaT FoR A WhilE NoW AfteR WE WalK MileS X BeeN IN ALL ThesE PartS OF ThiS WorlD TogetheR 🌍
YoU AlwayS SaW MY #PotentiaL BeforE AnyonE ElsE CoulD SeE ThE VisioN BrotheR !!!!!
BesT FrienD????? NaaahH YOU ARE MY BROTHER !!!!! NO MatteR ALL ThE #UpS X #DownS WE HaD... YoU AlwayS KepT iT #ReaL X #100 WitH MisteR JoneS X #VisEVersA X StiLL NOW ... I JusT WanT TO WisH YoU AN #HAPPYBIRTHDAY MY BROTHER !!!!! @audemarsdreams 🎂

MucH LovE X RespecT !!!!! - MikA JoneS

FunnY CausE ThE MorE I SeE MyselF AS A #GianT ... ThE MorE I RealizE HoW GianT ArE ThE ThingS ThaA MakE ME FeeL AS A GianT I MeaN LooK AT ThiS #RollSRoycE #PhantoM NexT TO ME #ThEGianTOnE

ReadY TO MakE DreamS RealitY @iammilanrouge

IT IS WhaT YoU ReaD WheN YoU DoN'T HavE TO ThaA DetermineS WhaT YoU WiLL BE WheN YoU CaN'T HelP IT @iammilanrouge

StiLL IN A #CreativE SpacE ThaA Won'T AlloW ME TO ReplY TO YouR TextS X NoT EveN NakeD PictureS ... #ThatSHoWReaLiTGetS

BruH BruH AnD I ArE NoW ReuniteD X AlreadY BacK ON ThaA #MorELifE JourneY... #ThesEThingSHappeN

CatcH US OutsidE HoW BoW DAH ¿¿¿¿¿ @paulquid

🤔 ... StiLL LookinG FoR A #ValentinE LikE BruH BruH... ISSA GonnA BE ThE SamE EverY YearS ¿¿¿¿¿

... 🎂 HappY #BirthdaY TO MY #BrotheR FroM AnotheR #MotheR ThE OnE AnD OnlY OnE @mr__mj Ain'T NO MeT AlonG ThE WaY AnD #ShiT WE PuT DayS iN iT AnD W A L K E D TogetheR FoR #YearS ... S A M E C O L O R 👣

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