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MikA JoneS  SnapchaT: mikajonespower mikartjones@gmail.com


• ALL MY PeoplE WanteD ME TO BE DistracteD OR ME TO SiT MY A$$ DowN BuT I BeeN ON GO SincE I GoT OFF MY BehinD • 📸 @donfadas

• Don'T BE BlinD X PleasE BE CarefuL WhO YoU CaLL YouR FriendS ... IT Ain'T SafE OuTherE SoN • #ThEGianTSerieS 🔪

🚶🏾 • EveN ThosE WhO DO YoU WronG ArE A ParT OF ThE PlaN •🚶🏾

• MY LacK OF ArrogancE NeveR AlloW ME TO UnderstanD ThE HatreD I EndurE DaY TO DaY ... StartinG TO GeT iT NoW !!!!! @gucci •

CurrentlY IN #PariS BruH BruH HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN BruH BruH @paulquid 🇫🇷

🎂 HeY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER MannnnN ... HaD TO GO TO PariS TO BE WitH BruH BruH MannnnN BruH BruH MaY GoD BLESS YOU WitH MorE YearS BruH BruH !!!!! Let'S KeeP ON LookinG IN ThaA SamE DirectioN BruH NoT ThaA OtheR WaY BruH BruH 🎂 @paulquid 🎂

• Don'T LeT PeoplE MakE YoU FeeL BaD FoR EvolvinG AnD NO LongeR BeinG AvailablE BruH BruH • #IssAGianTChoicE

• TheY StiLL OuT TO GeT ME CausE TheY NeveR GoT ME #ThEGianTSerieS ON @arttimeapp NoW •

• IF YoU HanG OuT WitH ME FoR ToO LonG I'LL BrainwasH YoU IntO BelievinG IN YourselF AnD KnowinG YoU CaN AchievE AnythinG #ThEGianTSerieS ON @arttimeapp NoW •

•IF I TeLL YoU I'M 5 MinS AwaY AnD YoU BelievE ME ... YoU DefinitelY NeeD TO GroW UP SoN • 📸 @mjfberry

👀 YoU CoulD HavE BeeN A ParT OF ThiS... BuT NOW YoU JusT HavE TO WatcH iT #ThEPresidentiaLPalacEOFBurkinAFasO 🇧🇫

🇧🇫 US X HiS ExcellencyY M. RocH MarC ChristiaN Kaboré, PresidenT OF BurkinA FasO 🇧🇫

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