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Hwee フイー random picks 

This is not a gif. Its me playing with the cute pen 😆🤣🤣

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In China. Paternal greatgrand father's house.

Out with my laobu yesterday

Yesterday morning at 7.30am, the moon was still up!!

Libra pink full moon tonight, and so much love from my co workers!

Amma and Happy-lookalike!!!

The moon is already out before 6pm!!

Got hugged and WE GOT TO SIT ON STAGE to watch her and even kirtan, till she left!!!!!!!!!! SO BLESSED laaaa!
Reached at 9pm and the queue token distribution ended (although i knew, i still went). My mum and I had dinner there and sat before the stage, just enjoying the atmosphere. I watched the screen and already felt like i was being hugged by her!
I took this picture and i thought this is as near as i could get to Amma.
Suddenly, my mum spotted a volunteer hastily distributing token number and we both got it!!! And got to the stage immediately.
And i heard 信赖的信赖的信赖的😐 but damn shiok to be hug.
I was overwhelmed with love and sorrow at the same time. It was like i was being hugged by divine mother.
Ahhh i think i will get a good night sleep tonight.

Love all the way from Finland. Thank you Babe. I hope we will meet again!! @choichoichoiling

[We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us]
In one of my dark moment, a friend shared the light on her candle and lit my candle. I was really caught by surprised! I had to guess the sender by address! 😂 thank you @wormyuan for the love and encouragement!

Reminder to self, insert the screw to the max. Heng the second half didnt drop in or disintegrate into pieces. 😅

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