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J. Mikala 🖋🖊✨🧡  Maui Letterer Email me regarding custom work ❥ Twitter: Mikala_Designs ❥ FB: Mikala Designs ❥*Please @ me when reposting. 👍🏽

Ok let’s try this motherfucker again. 😆 3rd times a charm right?
I didn’t “clean this up”, I did it @procreate off a pen draft I did Friday.
So for @homsweethom @lyssletters #HomWork I decided to letter the word “motherfucker”.
But I don’t think this word is dirty or that there’s anything wrong with it.
I love it & use it frequently & for all feelings. 🧡😍
Me using it positively: I love you motherfuckers! 😘

PSA: Don’t come at me with your Judgey mcfucking Judgey pants because
1) I don’t seek your approval
2) you won’t change who I am & choose to be
3) my squad won’t ever let you come at me✌🏽
#handlettered #handlettering #lettering #script #procreate #procreatelettering #procreatecalligraphy #botanicallinedrawing #procreatebotanicals #keepcursivealive #YahISaidIt #Motherfucker

Do something creative everyday.
Doodles & drafts help me to not 🔪. Soothes the savage beast I suppose. 😆😘💋 Do whatchu gotta to stay outta jail right?
I couldn’t decide on one I loved so I’ll just shove ALL into your eyes 👀
Swipe for my first unicorn 🦄 inspired by the Uber talented @luluinkdesigns
Post for @lettering.good.vibes With the ever creative @_anjee3
#handlettering #handdrawn #handlettered #lettering #moderncalligraphy #brushcalligraphy #KeepCursiveAlive #StabbyTheUnicorn

I love being commissioned to design things for businesses. 🧡
I especially love it when that business is owned by a BADASS Boss Babe! 💋
Get your BADASS pin! Link in my stories or via @effiespaper 😍🙌🏽
She has tons of other things that I’m sure you’ll love!
#handlettering #handlettered #lapelpin #badass #bossbabe #lettering #moderncalligraphy #KeepCursiveAlive #makingmoves #bigthingscoming

I honor who I am.
Confession: Not always. I am guilty of NOT always honoring who I am. I struggle (like so many others) with seeing my own worth on the regular. Why? 🤔 My theory is that it isn’t something that was reinforced over the course of my life by others. Then I ask myself “why should it matter if others see me as worthy or valuable?” I don’t have an answer to that. It just IS the way of humans? Can’t be, can it? Ugh I hope not.
As a mother, I try to always tell my sons how amazing they are & to never ever let anyone make them feel differently. They don’t need people who tear them down.
I also choose to build people up...especially my circle. 🧡
Here’s an exercise for me and for you:
Every morning, tell yourself at least 3 things that you love about YOU.
Honor who YOU are. 🧡✨
@lettering.good.vibes #LetteringGoodVibes with my gurl @_anjee3
#handlettering #handlettered #lettering #moderncalligraphy #KeepCursiveAlive #Finetec #Sparkle
@colirocolors Finetec Candy 🎨

I wasn’t gonna post this because it’s good but not great. 🤷🏽‍♀️
But then my AMAZING friends told me to post it.
This pencil ✏️ sketch might not be as exceptional as some others, but it’s excellent for ME & where I’m at on my floral sketching/painting journey. 🧡
Do YOU boo. 😘💋
No rain 🌧 no flowers 💐 🌷🌹🥀🌺🌸🌼🌻 for @lettering.good.vibes #LetteringGoodVibes with the encouraging @_anjee3
This post inspired by the outstandingly fabulous Peggy @thepigeonletters 🍃
#PencilSketch #BotanicalLineDrawing @botanicallinedrawing #Lettering #handlettering #KeepCursiveAlive #Script #handlettered #handdrawn
@calligrabasics #cb_florals2018

So I love this song by @keithurban 🧡
Happy International Women’s Day to all you amazing females
♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀
I only have sons, but you can be damn sure that I’m raising my sons to KNOW that their mama is strong 💪🏽 & that females should always be respected and treated as equals. My oldest is now a young man & he has always & will always fight beside women for equality. My youngest is 9 and I’m doing my best to raise him up to be the kind of man I wish there were more of in this world. Men like his older brother. 🧡
Celebrate your unstoppable, miraculous FEMALENESS today sisters! 💋😘💪🏽🙌🏽🧡💜
#handlettered #handlettering #lettering #doodle #procreate #procreatelettering #moderncalligraphy #calligraphy #script #KeepCursiveAlive #HappyInternationalWomensDay
Side note: @nicolekidman please correct me if I got the lyrics wrong 🙊🧡✨

Be your own kind of beautiful.
Don’t try to be the next anybody.
You are unique & special & beautifully YOU!
Love every part of who you are.
Embrace every flaw and every gorgeous thing about your perfectly imperfect self.
The pictures that you see that seem perfect & flawless really aren’t.
The people aren’t perfect & flawless either.
Perfect is boring.
I struggle with comparing myself & my work all the time. I suppose it’s Human nature? 🤔
The point of this ever so long caption is, you’re a beautiful creature who is here to create beautiful things...so do it & be it & never ever apologize for loving your own beautiful self.
Jen 😘💋
@lettering.good.vibes with the beautiful @_anjee3
#calligraphyvideo #letteringvideo #handletteringvideo #handlettering #handlettered #lettering #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #sparkle #glitter #KeepCursiveAlive
Pens: @uniball_uk @uniballbrasil Sparkling ✨ Glitter Pens & @pilotpenusa Futayaku

Just start. 😘🧡✨
Somewhere. Anywhere. With anything & everything...JUST START.
You won’t ever know how fully amazing you are until you try right? RIGHT! 👊🏽💋
@lettering.good.vibes #LetteringGoodVibes with my gurl @_anjee3 #handlettered #handlettering #lettering #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #sparkle #glitter #JustStart #DoTheDamnThing
@sakuraofamerica Gelly Roll
@uniball_uk @uniballbrasil Sparkling ✨ Glitter Pens
@pentelofamerica @pentelcanada @pentel_brasil @pentel_australia @pentel_eu @pentelsingapore @pentelcolombia @pentelphilippines @penteluk @pentel_portugal @pentelchile @pentel_thailand Dual Hybrid Metallic Pens (favorite sparkle pens...I’m the perfect spokesperson 😉😘)

Okuuuuuuuuuuur I wasn’t gonna post just this lil snippet 🎥 on my feed cause it’s shaky, not well lit and so on.....
but WHY THE HELL NOT!?! 😍🙌🏽✨
IDAGF cause it makes ME happeh happeh happeh & I hope that one of you likes it as much as ME. 😘
Jen 💋
{still shots coming tomorrow}
#calligraphyvideo #letteringvideo #handletteringvideo #kirakiraapp #sparkle #lettering #handlettering #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #glitter
“I AM ENOUGH” for @lettering.good.vibes #LetteringGoodVibes with my gurl @_anjee3

#Repost @lettering.good.vibes with @get_repost
Oh man how the year is flying! We couldn’t be more happy that you all are this lettering journey with us! 🧡🙌🏽✨
You all continue to amaze & inspire us with your posts.
It’s almost March and spring is a time of renewal. What better way to renew than with our @lettering.good.vibes challenge? 😁
Despite everything that may try to bring you down, you can be your own light. ✨ Spread goodness and yes, it may sound cheesy AF...but the rainbow 🌈 in someone else’s cloud ☁️! Xoxo & all the feels,
Ang & Jen 😘😘
#handlettering #handlettered #letteringgoodvibes #letteringchallenge #lettering #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #brushlettering #brushcalligraphy

My word for the year is:
Faith ✨🧡
I have to have faith that things will get better, that things are going to change in my favor & that sometimes, things DON’T happen because it’s better that they didn’t. It isn’t always easy to have FAITH & to be positive Patty...but I’m trying. That’s all anyone can do right? 🧡✨
Jen 😘

#LetteringGoodVibes @lettering.good.vibes with my fab calligrawife @_anjee3
#calligraphyvideo #letteringvideo #handletteringvideo #handlettering #calligraphy #sparkle #glitter #fauxligraphy #moderncalligraphy #lettering
@pilotpenusa @pilotpenusa Futayaku & @uniball_uk @uniballbrasil Sparkling ✨

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