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Mikaela Shiffrin ⛷💨  US Alpine Ski Racer. Olympic medalist. WorldChamp. Love animals, pasta (food in general), and sleeping 😴 #ABFTTB

When you just tryna keep your elbows up, bootay down, & knees straight/behind yo toes 🙄😬🤗👊🏼#DontForgetToBreathe #YesIAmDoingSomethingBesidesWatchingLaverCup #FrontSquatsHateMe #BringOnTheSquatCritiqueComments🤙
(song Lost by Tender)

Do yo’ math, kids. 😏💁‍♀️⛷

I’m really putting my culinary skills to the test this week. Tune in to the @barillaus Facebook channel Thursday at 11:30 a.m. CT to see Barilla Executive Chef @cheflorenzoboni and I team up against @chefbkalman from Top Chef Season 15 for the ultimate #MastersofPasta title! 🍝😋#BarillaCollezione

Ok today was insaneee! Met Top Chef winner @instaflamm who made the best lunch ever at @spiaggiachicago for my Barilla fam including @rogerfederer, who I also just met for the first time and OMG I kind of died and could barely speak😂😂 but it was so incredible. Did you ever look up to someone so much and then actually meet them and realize they are everything you hoped they’d be plus some? Yep...that happened. What an inspirational, classy person!
All together an amazing day with @barillaus !
#MastersofPasta #BarillaCollezione

Representing #TeamBose at #MNF! Watching fellow @bose teammate @dangerusswilson take on the Bears. What a night! #QC35 II #SEAvsCHI 😜🤪👏🏈🤷🏼‍♀️🎧👏

We ain’t in a perfect world,
but you still bring the stars out,
you still freak my heart out💫
#OneObsession #Sponsored
(PC: @regandewhirst)

Only started smiling after I figured out that this was not, in fact, the gate to the Upside Down and I wouldn’t be eaten by a Demagorgan. 🤷‍♀️😁😁 #1000YearOldMonkeyPuzzleTree #BiggestTreeIveEverSeen #NewHomeOwner🏠 #LikeACrazy

Last day of camp was a good one 🙌🙌🙌 #weareskiing (📸: @regandewhirst)

Just out here seeking Snitches and dodging Bludgers 🧙‍♀️💫⚡️🥊🤺⛷💨

Mountains & volcanos for DAYS🙌🙌 #OneObsession

Caught in the act of falling over but at least the picture is good🤷‍♀️😋

Right now
you’re a link
in a chain,
and it’s up
to you
to break.
#MissyHiggins #FavoriteLyrics
(📸: @strobljohann)

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