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🐾  peace be da journey o'ahu + north carolina

Planning trips & vacations as an “adult” has taught me that it takes a little extra effort to make something stupendous. If you wanna be a better than average human you’ve gotta work a little harder than those around you.

appreciation for all the magnificent buildings that went up in the early 1800’s without any modern equipment & are still standing in all their glory down south. Also admiring my beautiful mom who puts up with all my bullshit, another true work of art.

Happy Tuesday from one happy baby bud

do you care for the left half or right?

my Charleston top 5-
1. the plants. there are plants everywhere in Charleston! the windows, ceilings, storm drains, basements, sinks!
2. the character & architecture in every single one of those beautiful buildings.
3. food. food. food.
4. puppies everywhere, in all shapes, sizes, coats & combos, ya wouldn’t believe.
5. everything else I missed.

Last meal in Charleston calls for shrimp & grits with a side of homemade chocolate pudding. #server10/10

I’ve been to Charleston a total of 3 times & this was the first time I’ve seen the pineapple fountain at the waterfront. I thrifted an old painting a year are so ago of this fountain, after my first trip to Charleston, despite never seeing until now.

Momma Bear came to visit me in Wilmington so I brought her down to my favorite southern town, Charleston, for our first trip together! I love you to Pluto & back

My hands are awkward because I’m cold but that’s okay because, Charleston.

Walking down the street & me mom noticed life coming from down under. Of course, i just HAD to appreciate the sprouting greens.

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