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  peace be da journey o'ahu + north carolina

found myself doing some late night dwelling in the archives, missing home a little bit extra. #oahu

I moved away from home 4 years ago & my adventure bug is finally starting to itch. #oahugrown #carolinafed

little fur boys doing their thang

i strive to be the best me for you. one day i'll be just as patient & forgiving as my better half. 🏡 also, Bronx went swimming in the swamp πŸ‘ŽπŸ½

my beasts from the east just turned 21 & that's a whole squad

the only reason I am alive after last night is because @mudaskunt made me corn dogs, you're the best babe. HAPPY 21st! To the last bit of us at #tower7ordie

a little adventure for our friday morning under the bridge. #bronxnbones

you can take the girl from the island but you can't take the titta outta dis kbb bangah, I am so homesick.

calm before the storm #treetops

honestly just posting this to say fuck those ignorant people who started a fire that is destroying thousands of years of magnificent work created by this planet, up in the PNW. It will take decades for the land to replenish. Brush/wild fires are nature's way of making room for more growth but man made fires are just flat out cruel.

even from the treetops I can't top the way ya love me #bronxnbones

the least laborious monday of them all w/ my boys πŸ’•πŸŠ #mikechurchmonday #bronxnbones #treeclimbing #gatorhuntin #chickenbiscuit #crackheads #laborday

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