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Mika Davidson  Arkansan. BA. MA in Prof. & Tech. Writing (05/2017) ❤💙Saoirse Flynn (08/2013) 💙❤✡️

Saoirse had a great time at her friend Oliver's birthday party at the Chester St Fire Station (Central Fire Station). She learned a lot about firefighters, got to see one fully dressed up (great for helping them not be as scared in an emergency), and got to climb all over the cabs of TWO fire trucks. Interesting factoid: the helmets are so heavy that they have to hold onto them when they put them on the head of kids under 6 because their neck muscles aren't strong enough for the extra weight. #lrfd #littlerock #firefighter #firetruck

Saoirse drew me a brachiosaurus. #preschool #brachiosaurus #dinosaur

I found this on our street today. I'd love to find the owner. #arkansas #licenseplate #lost #littlerock #salinecounty #pulaskicounty #lostlicenseplate

Over the course of one 45-minute class at @empirecheerleading, we went from borderline crying not wanting to go without me, sitting and watching everyone while fiddling with her "trial" bracelet (that- like all bracelets of that sort, was huge on her), to doing "rock and rolls" while giggling with Coach Kayla (not to mention all the front rolls and everything else she did). It took her a bit, and I think having a friendly, familiar face in Solee helped a TON. She took right to Coach Kayla though, and even gave her a hug. #jointheempire #empirelife #tumbling #gymnastics #empirecheerleading #tumblebugs

Saoirse had a GREAT trial night at @empirecheerleading in Tumblebugs. I expected tears and laying on the floor. She was hesitant for their "warm up" but once they got to doing "real" things, she was sold. She did back rolls, she hopped on one foot on a trampoline, she did tiny cartwheels (alone!- they aren't extended just hopping over a mat), and lots of forward rolls. And rock and rolls as they call them. She talked with the coaches, she gave Ms Kayla a hug, and said she wants to come back. I think we'll be the next people to #jointheempire. #empirecheerleading #tumbling #tumblebugs #gymnastics #preschool

Her grip is...less than ideal, but she's doing really good with that control. #almostinthelines

Ugh. Just filled this thing up yesterday. #godowngasprices #twotripstothesameplaceatdifferenttimes

I've been slowly teaching myself how to code in #Swift over the past week or so. Tonight Saoirse was watching me and was amused by the characters and watching them do the actions. She may never become a "Programmer," but she's definitely going to have exposure and I doubt her daddy would let her go off to college without a basic skill set. Hazards of being a software engineer's daughter. #girlswhocode #programming #swiftprogramming

Congrats to Michael and Marisa of @mccafferty_academy who are now TCRGs. This means they are both officially sanctioned Irish dance teachers. #tcrg #mccaffertyacademyofirishdance #irishdance #arkansas #irishdance #littlerock

I would never have picked up a color of lipstick like this off of the shelf, but I really do love this lipstick from @ipsy by @colourpopcosmetics #lippiestix #ipsy #colourpop #september #lipstick #matte #selfie

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