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Mika Davidson  Arkansan. BA. MA in Prof. & Tech. Writing (05/2017) ❤💙Saoirse Flynn (08/2013) 💙❤✡️

I got my girl back today. #chenle #rip #imissyou

Gorgeous castle-looking place by the Persian rug company on #campaldersgate #littlerock #castle

I acquired some of the $0.88 16-count @crayola watercolors from @target and pulled them out last night for Saoirse and Hong. This is Saoirse's creation. It was definitely fun for them. A big mess, but a bunch of fun. #watercolors #art #crayola #messylearning #takechances #makemistakes #getmessy

Practicing her letters with a wipe-clean book from @usborne_books #usbornebooks

Our two outside cats enjoying a can of kitty food I'm pretty certain I can't return because it was on clearance- venison, and they seem to like it. The tabby, Cat, is a boy we rescued and got fixed a few years ago. He was an indoor cat for a while then wandered outdoors, stayed there for a few weeks, wandered back in, stayed a few months or so, then wandered back out. He enjoys the outdoors with the perks of people looking out for him (food provided on a semi-regular basis). The black one I call Licorice, he/she is feral and skittish, but is good buddies with Cat. Maybe one of these days I'll trap him/her and get him/her fixed. Since there hasn't been any signs of kittens, ever, I suspect he's a boy, since he's been around for more than a year, but I can never tell from a distance. #feralcats #outsidecats #tabby #blackcat #cat

This kid has a great run for being 3, and I personally am pretty impressed by this long jump she developed today. Each of those squares is about a foot square.

I lost my best girl yesterday. She'd been sick for a few weeks, and every time we'd get something going right, she'd fall back again. The vet I went to for a second opinion believes she had a mass or tumor in her throat that was restricting her breathing. She was so weakened by weeks of not feeling well that it wasn't fair to put her through a procedure to find out what it was, when there was a real possibility she wouldn't survive the sedation. Also incredibly likely was that, whatever it was, she was in such a state they wouldn't have been able to treat it any way. I am heartbroken I had to make that decision, but I don't think either of us could have suffered through another days of constant difficulties breathing. I made the heartbreaking decision to end her suffering and further mine. She was born in my parents' laundry room, and I've had her since day 1. She has been my best friend and my constant companion for more of my life than I haven't had her. And I don't know how I will ever pick up the pieces of my heart. She was my only kitty who head bonked. My only kitty whose favorite spot was laying on my shoulder or sleeping on my back or hip. Right now, I regret every moment I didn't let her climb all over me and sit and sleep how she pleased. I know I did the right thing, giving her a peaceful death, a dignified death, with me there with her. But that doesn't make the knife cut any shallower. Leaving her even after she was gone was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am broken, but she is whole. 04.15.2004-07.19.2017 #tabby #catsofinstagram #chenle #rip #mybaby

This week, with the code "name50" you can get 50% off of the MEGA name kit at @legacylearningacademy it's an awesome kit. The name puzzle that comes with it has been a big hit from the beginning. #legacylearningacademy #spelling #preschool #handwriting #writing #name #homeschool

We take a break from our usual toddler cuteness to share this animal carcass. Squirrel, maybe? #bones #skeleton #decomp

Reppin' the @mccafferty_academy at Barnes and Noble today (and at daycare). #mccaffertyacademy #irishdance #littlerock #dance

Made ribs tonight in my #instantpot. These were basically frozen when I put them in. 15 minutes to get to pressure, 34 minutes in the cooker on meat/stew, then let it sit for about 10 minutes before I manually released the pressure. I then put them on a cookie sheet, coated in @sweetbabyrays_ BBQ and broiled for a few minutes. #bbq #ribs

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