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March the 8th. International Women's Day.
This is joan jett, and she's my woman inspiration. Why her? She started the first all female rock band ever in a time when it was inconceivable for a girl to play guitar or rock n roll, because women must follow the women rules and act "as a girl" . Playing music was for men, but She didn't care, and I think what she did for music is more rock n roll than anything other famous bands did, because she brought equality in music. That's what we are talking about, EQUALITY. Feminism its not a question only for girls, cause it's about the gender equality, it's about women that can do and obtain the same things as men.
What gets me angry is that people remember only today to be feminist, because it is unpopular non being it on March the 8th. Especially if you are woman, you should celebrate every day. Remember that WE HAVE A "WOMEN& #39;S DAY" , NOT A "MEN& #39;S DAY" . Women fighted to have their rights.
If you are a woman let me remind something: you can do what you want without asking any permission, you are strong, you are determinated, you have a dignity and you don't stand over nobody. You are yours and you can obtain everything you want just as like as a man, in your own way, if you truly believe it.
I'm a girl, and I can be who I want to be.
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For when you're happy, sad, or you're feeling nothing
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"A true artist is not who is inspired, but one who inspires others"
Dalì Experience, Bologna
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