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I’ve truly never worked this hard in my life. In school, work, and the gym. And guys, it feels amazing. I’m truly LIVING. Truly HAPPY. Truly me. And it makes me so excited to know that what i am now is only the beginning. .
Unleash Your Strength POWER Guide Release Date - March 19th
Pre-Sale March 10th-18th - $55
On March 19th, Prices go up to 70$
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Hey beautiful people, it’s me. In my natural habitat. Coffee in hand, comfy sweatshirt, hair full of dry shampoo cause who has time to wash their hair. ESPECIALLY when I cannot contain my excitement that my guide is coming soon, March 19th.
In other news, I don’t know what it has been lately, but I am more focused than ever. Work wise, school wise, fitness and health wise. I was in a very dark place for what seemed like a long time the past few months. I couldn’t see my future through a clear lens, I was going through the motions during my workouts, my living space was always messy, and I wasn’t fueling my body with the right nutrients, I was just sad. And I couldn’t figure out why. The more I tried to “show up to life”, it felt as though life knocked me down. When one thing in your life is out of balance, it’s like everything is out of balance.
Through ever trial you go through, there is always a lesson. My lesson was to tell myself that “It’s okay” to take a step back and refuel. “It’s okay” to feel sad. “It’s okay” to not be okay. Because what I didn’t realize, was that taking a step back wasn’t doing any harm, or going into a negative space. It was me recharging so that I could walk with confidence through life and achieve my goals plus some.
So ask yourself, are you pushing yourself or pushing yourself over the edge?
This may not be true for everyone, but anyone who struggles with sadness, depression, anxiety, or truly anything emotionally draining, know that being you is enough. And “it’s okay”. .
Pre-sale is going to be held March 10th through March 18th to purchase ($55). Once March 19th hits, prices go up to normal! ($70)
@mikfitguides #unleashyourstrength

I just released the launch date for my Power Guide
What does it include??
It is an 8 week program focusing on sculpting, strength, and the three POWER movements; Squat, Bench and Deadlift, and also focusing on hypertrophy movements as well to sculpt and raise your heart rate 🕺🏻
The best part about it all? This is made for everyone. Beginner, intermediate, AND advanced lifters. This program is is CUSTOMIZABLE to each person. Yup. You read that right.
You will receive my Nutrition Ebook
Supplement advice
You will have support groups
You will have access to my recipes
You will have an exercise library
In depth Instructions
Training will be both strength and hypertrophy based
Really LEARNING how to be your strongest self.
And so much more i can’t wait 😭😭😭
At the end of the 8 weeks, you will test all of your maxes in what is called a MOCK MEET.
I cannot wait to grow closer to those who want to hop on this journey with me to become my strongest self.
#unleashyourstrength #uyspowerguide #mikfitguides

I feel so blessed to be able to have such a loyal and amazing support system. I truly wish i could give every single one of you hugs and protein ice cream (😂) because engaging with you has been the time of my life.
What am i giving away you say?
I will be picking TWO WINNERS. 1st winner will get a 100$ gift card to @myproteinus , this myproteinus USA shirt, a fitness journal, AND get my Power guide for free when it comes out March 19th!
Second winner will get a 5.5lb bag of salted caramel protein from @myproteinus AND watermelon flavored aminos!
All you need to do is subscribe to my YouTube channel (link is in my bio + highlights), follow @myproteinus and me, and tag 2 friends!
Winner will be announced on my story in 2 days!

Cause i can 🤷🏼‍♀️

Not all positive changes will feel positive in the beginning.
This has been my truth, for what feels like the past two years.
How can a beginning be for two years straight?
I’ll tell you how.
True colors were shown by people who I thought loved me, because I finally stood my ground and stopped letting people take advantage of me.
I struggled with almost starving myself to eating way too much all to realize that I was meant to be broken down so I could love myself at my worst.
I could go on, but at one point I was knocked down to the last thread where I thought there was no where to go but down in an even deeper hole than I thought I was in.
Emphasis on “thought”.
I wasn’t actually in a hole.
What was actually happening was my slate being wiped clean to start new. To meet people who inspire me, who push me. My heart was emptied so I could fill it with new passions, new goals, new dreams. And it was emptied so I could stop holding hate in my heart, and start learning to open my heart to new adventures in life.
It hurt. The process was mentally and physically brutal, but all of it was worth it.
Because I am now a better person.
I will take pain over perfection any day because I know that it will help me in the long run.
Not all positive changes will feel positive. It may feel negative, it may hurt. But the outcome Is worth it.
You are stronger than you think, and you are sure as hell worth it.
Sunglasses 🕶 and watch are from @mvmtforher
Code “mikfit15” for 15$ off 💕
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A day full of finishing up some final touches to my guide. A day where I kicked some booty in the gym. A day where I got ahead on homework and quizzes. A day where I can truly say I gave it my all and then some.
All guide information will be released NEXT WEEK WHAT?!?!
A lot of time, a lot of sweat (I have tried out every. Single. One. Of the workouts. AND HIIT circuits. They are BRUTAL), have been put into this. I truly cannot wait to work so closely with the people that support me day in and day out.
Photo creds- @crackersthechorgi

This morning i woke up, hit some fasted cardio, and in the midst of it all (my last 2 sprints)... i asked myself “are you giving it your all? Can you push harder?”
In that moment i put my head down, and sprinted until everything went numb except for the feeling of greatness. I felt so proud of myself.
And that, that feeling, is why i love fitness, why i love this lifestyle. You push boundaries. You break boundaries. You truly unleash a better side of yourself.
After cardio i took this picture. I stared at it and smiled as tears ran down my face. Because my hard work day in and day out is showing.
And the beauty of it all is that... this is my best self yet (mentally and physically), but I’m no where near being finished. This is a lifelong journey. And I’m just getting started.
#unleashyourstrength #teammihaly
Top is from @crownstandard ❤️

What else would i be doing on a Friday night 🤷🏼‍♀️
Sweatshirt: @myproteinus
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Strong. Happy. Powerful. Confident. Able. Enough. Fearless.
These are all words I truly feel I embody right now.
These are are all words that I have fought for through my day to day journey.
These are all words that I know come and go throughout my journey, but I am willing to keep fighting for.
All I know, is that when it comes, and even when it goes, I am my truest, my best, and my most unapologetic self yet.

It was back day today but my quads still steal the show. 🕺🏻💃🏼
#unleashyourstrength #powerbuffgirls

Happiness. It’s a great feeling.

I wore a dress today. I lifted weights today.
Heavy weights.
I still look like a girl, who woulda thought 💃🏼🙆🏼‍♀️💪🏼

Here’s your reminder today that you own your body. Your body doesn’t own you.
Here’s your reminder that today you have what it takes to take a step forward even when it feels like everyone and everything is forcing you backwards.
Here’s your reminder that your feelings are valid.
Here’s your reminder that dreams don’t work unless you do.
Don’t dull your light. You were meant to shine.
And also, this is your reminder to not be like me and go to the grocery store today because it’s Super Bowl Sunday 🙆🏼‍♀️😅

Squatting and benching is all fun and games until jeans don’t fit your quads and your shoulders don’t even fit in a large shirt.
Also i think I’m allergic to my cat because whenever she tries to cuddle with me my face starts to itch :/ Just some random things i needed to get off my chest ya know lol

I saw a quote that @jenbretty posted, “And here you are living, despite it all”, and I lost it emotionally. It wasn’t a surface level cry. This cry truly came from my heart.
The pictures you see on my profile, are all parts of my life. Whether it be moments of happiness, long speeches about a topic I’m passionate about, or even things I’m sad, frustrated or angry about.
But everything you see here is transparent about what I’m feeling through this journey called my life.
So here I am being transparent:
I deal with depression every day. I deal with anxiety every second. I deal with Post Concussive Disorder. I’ve dealt with Bulimia. I’ve dealt with Binge Eating Disorder. I still deal with PTSD from a physically and mentally abusive relationship. There are a lot of nights where I don’t sleep because of it all.
But, “here I am living, despite it all.”
This is not me saying these things to make you feel bad for me.
This is a “here I am”, and if you are going through something difficult too, let’s do this together.
Today I’ve felt alone. Most day’s I do because I’ve had to grow up a lot faster than most. And when I feel alone, I go into self sabotage mode. I seclude myself. I don’t communicate. I mentally shut down my brain to only feel sadness.
But I’m not alone, and you aren’t either.
So here, say it out loud, say it in your head, say it in the mirror to yourself, scream it in your car, whatever feels necessary to you.
“And here you are living, despite it all”
You, you, and you. You are not alone.

Note to self- “it’s a new day, a new hour, a new minute, a new second. I don’t want to waste any more of it being an average version of myself. In every new hour, minute, second understand it’s an opportunity to start over, an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to live outside of four walls. This. Is. My. Life. I’m not going to let anyone else own it.”

I’m smiling like this because i finally realized that my thighs work better together than apart ❤️
#longlostloves #nothighgapyaaassss

I will never be the girl that has my shit together. I will never be the girl who wakes up in button up pajamas, who gracefully drinks coffee and eats a colorful organic breakfast and somehow gets to work and appointments with 10 minutes to spare.
Sounds silly, but i would look at Pinterest girls and try to have my life look like their’s.
The more days i live, i realize that i will always be the girl who sleeps in her middle school soccer sweatpants, a big t shirt with coffee stains i probably cussed about when it happened, wakes up with rice cake crumbs on my face, and is scrambling out of the door with microwaved oatmeal. And the more days i live, the more i learn that who i am is not just as beautiful as the Pinterest girls, but uniquely beautiful.
Everything i used to want to change i think of as something to build from. Rather than trying my hardest to be something completely different.
Here is me. I haven’t washed my hair in 5 days. It’s full of dry shampoo. Last night i fell asleep eating oatmeal. Yesterday i waited until there was 3 miles left in my gas tank to fill it up. I’m kind of a mess.
But, here i am smiling and so happy because I’m living in my mind, my heart, my body.
Don’t look outside of yourself for approval.
As soon as you find it, it’s going to be fleeting. You are going to want to chase it more and more.
But you aren’t actually chasing for approval.
You are in reality running away from yourself.
You need to find it from inside, and know that you are enough.

F U anxiety. I’m gonna surround myself with flowers, good company, and positive thoughts today. I don’t have time for your shenanigans ✌🏼

Restructuring my squat form has me like 🙆🏼‍♀️😅
(Please, before you comment, remember I’m an actual person, be nice, everyone has things to improve on. I’m also working with a powerlifting coach for my form SO PLEASE no form police.)
If I’m being honest, i hate squats. A lot.
And the only reason why is because it’s my worst lift.
So in order to get better ya got to do what ya hate.
And ya got to do it a lot.
First video is my restructured form- low bar, a lot wider stance, toes pointed out and my hips are starting the motion.
It felt weird 🙄 but it will pay off in the long run.
If you swipe right, it shows what my normal/before form was- a hybrid of low bar and high bar. Closer stance. And with how my body is anatomically, hopefully my new and improved squat will take away my hip flexor pain and lower back pain yayyyyy!

There are days like today, where i feel like complete booty about my body.
I feel as though I’m not good enough. I feel like i don’t belong in the gym. I feel like maybe I’m washed out.
Then i get to thinking, if it weren’t for me picking up a barbell 2 years ago, I’d still be in an abusive relationship, I’d still be crying if size 00 pants didn’t fit me, I still wouldn’t be able to step foot in a restaurant, i still would be in school graduating this year with an early childhood major.
And most of all, i would still hate everything about my body.
So, thank you to the barbell in the rec center gym in little old Columbus Ohio for teaching me that i was worth more than being hurt every day by myself and people who claimed they loved me. Thank you barbell for teaching me to be more than what was expected of me. Thank for teaching me to say no, and thank you for teaching me to take leaps of faith.
Without meeting you a year ago, my life would be in shambles.
I am forever grateful for what fitness has brought me. And to repay everything it has done for me, i am making a vow to always respect my body even on days like today. I vow to spread the message of self love as much as i can. I vow to better myself every day. I vow to love my body in every season it sees. I vow to be my strongest self in times of doubt.
Fitness, you are my rock, my foundation, my corner stone. And with that, my life knows no limits. I’m here to make shit happen, work hard, and let positivity show the way.
And thank you guys for making it possible for my voice to be heard.

You do not need to look a certain way to be adequate in a subset of our population.
If you are 25% body fat, 5’4 and muscular, you are adequate. If you are 4’5, 35% body fat with a little curve and sass to your body, you are adequate. If you are 6ft with 40% body fat and don’t have hips, you are adequate. If you have 10% body fat with an athletic build, you are adequate. Just because a person says they have a butt because it’s “big”, doesn’t mean your smaller butt can’t be called “a butt”. Everyone has a freaking butt. Own your booty no matter how small, how big it is.
My point- your body, your fat percentage, your skin, your hair, how tan you are, your acne, does not hold a scale for how adequate/sufficient you are in this world. There is no scaling how good hearted a person is based on their looks whether they have a body and face that looks like they could be postered on a romance novel or not.
If you are reading this, your heart, your soul, is what makes you.
You don’t need to look like someone else in order to feel skinny, feel thick, feel shredded, feel curvy.
A certain “body type” does not determine how athletic you are, how sexy you are, how beautiful you are, if you can model.
The only thing we were made to do on this earth is to love one another, and ourselves.
Instead of wearing an outfit that you bought because a person who is adequate on society’s disrespectful scale unhappy people came up with, wear your heart. Wear your happiness. Wear your love.
This goes for models. This goes for students. This goes for people who work 9 to 5s, this goes for athletes, this goes for you. You are not better, you are not worse, you are not the same. You are you.
If you want, tag a friend that needs to hear this today, or any day. I believe this is the message that women need to hear from me. I believe it’s my purpose.

Happy Monday lovelies!!!
Is it weird that i get excited for Monday’s now?? There’s work to be done, things to accomplish, workouts to crush.
I also take tuesdays as my rest day so it’s my last workout until i get to be lazy the next day 🤗
Let’s start this week with a positive mindset 💪🏼
ALSO.... guess what guys... this girl right here is in the finishing touches of my first ever WORKOUT GUIDE
More details will be posted throughout the week so make sure you keep your eye out for them ❤️

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