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Official IG of Michael Migo H.  🔹3DMJ 💊Bioaesthetics 💪🏽INBF Natural Bodybuilder 🏆17' INBF LA Muscle Mayhem Champion ▪️Founder of Waays - A CrowdCoaching Platform for Sport Tutorials


My Monday Motivation because it reminds me that if you take small steps consistently, it will lead to great results.
As mentioned in my earlier post today, my current „competition prep“ is to strive for a first degree at Uni. I‘m 10 weeks out until it‘s „showtime“. So I‘ve got my daily portion of duties I need to do in order to be ready.
Just another example of the attitudes I‘ve acquired through bodybuilding. It‘s more than just building a physique 👊🏽
❗️So my take-away for you❗️
Ideally, start with plenty of time ahead. In any case though, set realistic daily goals! It‘s better to tick something off at the end of each day than nothing - psychological benefit ✔️
Lastly, all this doesn‘t come easy to me, either. However, when I sometimes have a lack of motivation, my discipline takes over.
I usually start gettint things done when I think about previous accomplishments where I just got shit done. So in a sense, I use this post in order to remind myself and start getting my dissertation done 😃🤙🏽😂
Have a productive week!! 💯

What are you all doing this week?
I‘ll be very busy with only uni over the next 10 weeks - Gotta start my dissertation and got 4 subjects on top of it 👨🏻‍💻🤓
I‘m trying to improve my Spanish right now together with @swenjavaleria - what we do is pretty simple: We just talk as much spanish as possible together. It really helps!
So if you‘re learning a new language or want to improve, find someone who‘s doing the same and just try to communicate as much as possible with that new language😉

Which statement is correct?

1) I had breakfast at a vegan restaurant and afterwards I bought vegan boots. Now I‘m contemplating where I want to eat a steak 🤔

2) I just got out of the „bespoke tailors“ store behind me to buy a new business suit (because I don‘t fit in suits off the rack).💪🏽
3) None of the above 🤥

Let me know 😃🤙🏽

So the past two days were a completely new experience for me!
My Uni had given me the opportunity to take over part of a Master‘s degree lecture to present @waaysapp and talk about my experiences of starting up a business thus far.
I was really overwhelmed by the incredible feedback from all the students. So many interesting questions I was really happy to answer. It‘s a great feeling to know that I was able to give some valuable advice to ambitious people!
Special thanks to Karine for being so supportive 🙏🏻
🔹Repeat 🚀💯
This year has already been absolutely amazing! A lot of work ahead and I couldn‘t be more excited 😎🤙🏽

Tatemae & Honne
The japanese concept of public façade vs. what we actually think.
While „Tatemae“ might mostly serve to avoid social awkwardness by not giving your unvarnished opinion, it is a thin line between acting kindly and taking advantage.
Honne on the other hand is what we really think.
We‘ve probably all had our Tatemae moments but where does one draw the line?
Since most of my followers are from different places in the world, I want to know how this concepts applies where you are from?
I personally like to be straight forward in most cases, although it might be a little blatant at times. I just don‘t like to beat about the bush. However, I always make sure that my opinion is well thought through before saying it out loud.
Let me know if you like these kind of topics from time to time 😊

Thursday‘s snapshot capturing my excitement finishing uni for good soon 😃
Everyone starting uni or currently enroled, I can highly recommend to get an iPad Pro.. Since I‘ve got one, I don‘t need paper at all anymore. Everything‘s organised and you only ever need to take the small tablet with you 👌🏽
Research papers, presentations, etc.. it‘s all in there. The pen allows you to highlight and write into any research paper. Very helpful indeed 💪🏽
And just to clarify, I don‘t get paid by apple for this 😂😂
I just know how annoying it can be to carry all the uni stuff with you and keeping it organised. So..definitely worth the investment 💯

I‘m not much into lazy sundays but productivity and comfort don’t need to be mutually exclusive 😎
I always consider Sunday as the day where I can do all the stuff I couldn‘t get done during the week. Since everything is closed on a Sunday, it‘s also not as easy to get distracted 😉
How do you handle you‘re duties?
If you want to avoid stacking things up, I would recommend you to do everything immediately that doesn‘t take up more than 3-5 minutes ☝🏽💯
—> for further reading into this topic, check out „Getting Things Done“ by David Allen 📖⏳

I miss our best friend - he‘s such a witty dog 😃
I was watching the post man with a smile because at this point he already sealed his fate 😂
Good that he had some treats, so Filou was happy and I was happy because I got another pair of @bioaesthetics joggers - twice as comfy as they look like 😉

Winner! 🏆
I‘m incredibly proud to announce that we have just won the #ISPO2018 Brand New Digital Award 💯🤙🏽
This is more than just an award, it‘s the proof that other people believe just as much in our vision as we do - to revolutionize the coaching market for any kind of sport👊🏽

This is amazing feedback for us, especially because there was very tough competition from the other start-ups who all have very innovative business concepts!
The year couldn‘t have started better, let‘s crush 2018.
Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us on the way here, BIG things coming this year 💪🏽

On my way to Munich, Germany to attend the world‘s biggest sports fair ISPO with our company @waaysapp 💯🤙🏽
On Monday @philliephilphil and I are going to pitch in front of a large audience including the press/media and investors with the goal to win the start-up competition for „ISPO Brandnew Digital“
In the past, companies like @gopro have participated in this contest, so it‘s a big deal for us 💪🏽😊
If you‘re in Munich, make sure to visit us in Hall B4, stand BN15 😎
Also, very, very soon we‘ll be implementing our brand new layout and design. I‘ll keep you posted, so stay tuned 👊🏽

I remember this like yesterday. You know why? Because on the machine to my left was @schwarzenegger training together with @ralf.moeller #TrueStory
We didn‘t want to disturb them but I had to do the lateral raises, so I just did my thing and since they heard us talking German they gave us a smile 😌
It‘s when I look to the side during my set haha.. talk about motivation!! 👊🏽💯
Fun fact: Arnie and Ralf were counting reps in German 🤙🏽💯 and after we finished our workout I had a quick chat with Ralf 👍🏽 One of the many cool memories from last summer a few weeks out from my competition!

What tutorials for „fitness/bodybuilding“ would you like to see?
After yesterday‘s filming for @waaysapp it was time for a good workout session. Was it an intense workout? I think my face says it all 😃#NoPlayingAround
Good oldschool curls might not be the most effective exercise for biceps development but sometimes they‘re a welcomed alternative 😉💪🏽
Today I‘m going to continue to film for tutorial course that will cover the most effective exercises for each muscle group 👊🏽
In general, there are 1000 exercises and everyone likes to come up with new, revolutionary stuff. However, my recommendation to you is to pick the most effective ones, stick to the proven methods of training that work - there are no shortcuts ☝🏽

One week without worrying too much about university stuff and being able to fully focus on @waaysapp, training and other projects 🤙🏽
Do you guys read a lot? I love reading but I don‘t always find enough time to read every day for example. I recently found out about @blinkist which has a huge library of books and each book is summarised in 10-12 pages. It‘s perfect for books on business, biographies and many other topics. @philliephilphil showed it to me and since then I have probably read 2-3 books every day haha 👌🏽💪🏽
I highly recommend it! 💯
Let me know if you like these kind of tips beyond fitness and I‘ll share them with you more often 😉

Good morning everyone 💪🏽
Are you interested in seeing off season form updates? While off season pictures might not be as „impressive“ as shredded pictures, it could be of valuable information for one or two of you :)
Let me know!
Also, what‘s everyone doing over the weekend?
I‘m going to film a tutorial series about all kinds of exercises for waays - stay tuned 👊🏽

2017 was a great year with lots of memories and achievements that will lead into a great start of 2018!
A quick recap:
It all started with a rather complicated wisdom teeth surgery that had 3 follow ups due to inflammations. Tough times while being on a competition diet but @drdome1 worked his magic✨.
I had to re-schedule my competition and couldn‘t compete at the California Mayhem in Sacramento but at least at the LA Muscle Mayhem which turned out great! 🏆🥇
I have founded two companies(one of them being @waaysapp ) for which I‘m very excited about in the coming year to see the progress happening 💥👊🏽
I‘m also very closely working together with my bros @drdome1 & @lightup_the_universe for @bioaesthetics
University is coming to an end next year finally and I can‘t wait to spend my entire focus on the start-ups!
Last but certainly not least, I‘m very grateful for all the wonderful people I had the pleasure to meet and work with! Truly incredible 🙏🏻🙌🏽
Enjoy your NYE and to agreat start of 2018!! 🤙🏽👍🏽

What did you guys do over the holidays?😊
We went to #Zugspitze - highest mountain in Germany. The view was breathtaking on this beautiful, sunny day! ☀️😍
Check my IG story to see more of our family trip today 😎
By the way, sunglasses are from @garrettleight „wilson“ edition because I‘ve received a few DM‘s.
Also, it‘s #fauxfur so chill everyone who‘s sent me angry DM‘s 😉

As promised a while ago, Bioaesthetics is giving away the newest product BioPro Supreme to 3 lucky people!

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Deadline is the 25th of December at 23:59 UK time!
I will randomly select three winners from the comment section and announce them in my IG live stories and I will contact them directly, too!
Good luck and merry Christmas everyone 👍🏽🤙🏽
🇩🇪 Infos zum Produkt:
BioPro Supreme
Unser BioPro Supreme wurde in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Ärzten und Sportlern nach neuesten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen entwickelt. Es wird in Deutschland produziert und alle Rohstoffe wurden mit großer Sorgfalt ausgewählt.
Pflanzenprotein BioPro Supreme ist ein veganes Proteinpulver auf der Basis von braunem Reis.
Es enthält das komplette Aminosäureprofil.
Es sind sechs selektierte probiotische Kulturen in einer Konzentration von 2 Mrd. Bakterien pro Portion enthalten:
Lactobacillus acidophilus
Lactococcus lactis
Enterococcus faecium
Bifidobacterium bifidum
Lactobacillus casei
Lactobacillus salivarius
Als Prebiotika sind Flohsamenschalen, Fructo-Oligosaccharide und Sunfiber enthalten.
Als weitere Besonderheit enthält unser Protein-Probiotika-Komplex eine extra Portion der Aminosäure Glutamin pro Tagesdosis.
Alle unsere Produkte sind von Premium Qualität und folgende Inhalte werden ausgeschlossen:
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Keine schädlichen Konservierungsstoffe, Bindemitteln, Trennmittel und Rieselhilfen. Glutenfrei. Laktosefrei. Vegan. Frei von schädlichen Mikroorganismen, Gift – und Schadstoffen.

After following @bodmechanic for about three years, I‘ve finally managed to book an appointment with him!
He exceeded my already high expectations (due to what I‘ve learned through his valuable ig posts) 💯🙌🏽
We all naturally have imbalances in posture and Andreas was able to precisely point out my imbalances and show me multiple corrective exercises.
What I appreciate above all is the fact that he follows up on your progress every couple of weeks and provides all the exercises in the form of video tutorials! How cool is that? 😃🙌🏽
Just another proof of concept for @waaysapp ! 😉
Let‘s see what the future holds 💪🏽🤙🏽
#waays #bodmechanic

It‘s been a very productive week for @waaysapp at @ventureoutny 💪🏽🤙🏽
A lot of knowledge was dropped and the networking was incredible. The way business works in NYC is something I haven‘t seen in any other city before. Very inspiring and motivational.
Professional attire has it‘s time and place but I got the most compliments this week because I like to stand out from the masses.
Swipe ⬅️ to see what I mean by that 😉🤙🏽
Dare to be different 👊🏽

#Throwback to the overall win at the LA Muscle Mayhem 🏆
What a moment it was, I can‘t wait to step on stage again but first I need to build on Migo 2.0 in this improvement season ☝🏽💪🏽
If you‘ve been following my stories, you know that I‘m in NYC right now together with @philliephilphil to go from meeting to meeting to pitch our start-up company @waaysapp 🤙🏽
A different kind of busy but I truly embrace the fast pace of New York. After this week, it‘s back to training but for now, my focus and priority is on moving forward with our company 👊🏽
By the way, you wouldn‘t believe how many things which I‘ve learned through Bodybuilding I was able to apply to the world of business 😉

Double tap if you like Canada 🇨🇦
First time for me that I visited Canda, and I was completely taken away by its beautiful, raw nature 😳🏔🏕 Because I don‘t have any current pictures, y‘all gonna see older pictures from this summer because 1) I‘ve got so many 2) I miss summer 😃☀️

All I can think of is summer 😭☀️
Rocking that fake tan 2 days after my competition which wouldn‘t want to go off for another 3 weeks 😃
#SkinnyButShredded 🔪

Had an awful lot of fun in the desert this morning 😁🤙🏽 Check out my ig live for some videos 😃
Looking forward to dinner with the squad @swenjavaleria @drdome1 @lightup_the_universe at @nusr_et #saltbae

What drives you?
Personally, I want to achieve as much as possible in my life in as many areas as I’m interested in. I never think I can‘t accomplish something. When you really set your mind to something, there are not many things you can‘t achieve.
Many people give up when they realize how much work has to go into something.
That‘s what makes the difference between the good and the best.
You gotta walk the talk and work hard - consistently - that also means on the days you don‘t feel like it.
I‘m not scared to fail, it scares me much more to think that I didn‘t try at least!
In order to achieve, you must accept to fail sometimes.
Take a risk, conquer your weaknesses and excel in the long-run 👊🏽

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