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Madison Chambers🍕💪🏼🏋🏻‍♀️  👻:Madisoncmoore 🏋🏻‍♀️Crossfit Games 2022

Been hitting PRs left and right lately! 180# squat clean done and done👌🏼 legs felt like absolute jello afterwards, but so worth it🙂

Early morning snatches and cleans got my legs feeling some type of way🙃

Crappy picture, but really proud of how my legs are progressing😊

💥Success never sleeps💥@scripted_

Today's lift brought to you by USA🇺🇸 2x2 @245 tried so hard for that third rep, but it just wasn't happening🙃 #stopexercising #starttraining #fitfam #fitaid #deadfromdeads

Also, huge shoutout to these two! I always catch them busting their butts late at night, and all their hard work is paying off! It's been a pleasure to watch them succeed and to be able to offer them tips when necessary. They're truly dedicated and love the fitness lifestyle! Can't wait to see where they are further down the road!

FINALLY hit a PR on front squat! 185x1 and now my legs are dead🙃 #stopexercising #starttraining #festivusgames2017 #rufit #fitfam #fitaid #teamgrit #goals

I'll gain my abs back eventually🙃 #chickennuggets #pizzarolls #ilovewawa #smorestoo #allthecarbs

Ugh. The second lift wasn't too bad, but I still have a LONG ways to go...☹️🏋🏼‍♀️

Forever soaking up some rays and recovering with @fitaid ☀️➕

Feeling so much more confident in my squat snatch. I definitely need to work on dropping under faster and catching the weight lower, but I'm proud of where I am now. Toes-to-bar are coming along, too. Looking much better than when I first started! So thankful for all the amazing trainers @onelifefit! And maybe one day I'll have be on @litlfox07 's skill level😆 #snatch #stopexercising #starttraining #fitaid #fitfam #toestobar #crossfit #skillwork

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