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Logan Hall  If young metro don’t trust you ima shoot you.


Ya, hi, it me. Love radically. Love more than one. Love only one. Love who you love, but lock no one down. Love radically and love revolutionarily. It’s hard to convey this with the heteronormative blanket on every relationship, but remember that I love you.

This flow in Bloodshed from @denzelcurryph is the fucking coolest shit I’ve ever heard. The 13 EP is something I’ve had on repeat since I’ve heard it. It’s flawless start to finish. More revolutionary rap. Fucking bad ass.


#goals for #2018. #interview @sashagrey #sashagrey on #Anarchism. Repost and tag @sashagrey and me. I know #Sashagrey is a #comrade and I want to be the one to have that conversation.

Casual reminder. Follow @trashkvlt and @mutual_aid_brigade for updates. Those two accounts are about to kick the fuck off this summer. Expect update on Mutual Aid Brigade as of this upcoming week. #anarchism

I’m fucking on one tonight. #defendpoppunk #blink182 #BELPHEGOR

Better pic. Goblin is on the left. An Illinois boy with a bad back that walked with a cane. Rode trains with a cane. Like a boss. And Booze Cop, in a circle with a bottle he’d make sure you weren’t baby sitting that shit. We spent a few months in New Orleans. I was at the Sunday school squat. They were where ever they were. Goblin was like a fuckin’ old ass man with stories just shooting out of his ass lol
Booze Cop, again. Wish I knew Booze Cop more. I hope Booze Cop is doing well, and I miss you a lot Goblin. You and the rest better be drinking that nasty heaven hill shit lol.

I just found this on a recommended FB. Goblin and Booze cop. I wish I knew Booze Cop better. I wish I’d hung out with Goblin more.

I just wanna take a second to acknowledge how much @crimethincdotcom means to me. I chose this photo because it is the cover of the book “off the map”. In 2008 I was homeless and ended up in Chicago at JPUSA, a Christian cult and communal living space. I met many good people whom I love dearly, and some the worst people I met in my life. I was 18, and finally understanding that my anger from being poor, to homeless wasn’t unjust. I read this book when I found it left in a table in a common room. It wasn’t political. Just a story of self and world discovery. I hit pause on reading “the kingdom of god is within you” by Tolstoy and read this in a day. I talked up Crimethinc only t be met with a lot of “no, Crimethinc is bad.” With no explanation. I know now that it’s because the “radicals” and “punx” I was kicking with were passive Christian anarchists. Don’t get me wrong, I was too, but this changed me. Today people ask me “who was your greatest inspiration” assuming I will say Kropotkin or Stirner or Marx. But no, it was Crimethinc. The “your politics are boring as fuck” has pushed me to more than I could have thought possible. Whether it be learning street med skills, working a kitchen at Occupy Denver, writing zones and flyers, putting myself out as a radical anarchist, and now onto the national anarchist response team “The Mutual Aid Brigade”. None of this would have been possible without Crimethinc.
Well.. maybe. But in probably a different way. So thank you Crimethinc, Ex Worker, and Hotwire. I owe y’all a lot. Catch me on the road this summer in a big black van full of tools for the revolution. 🏴
And remember, y’all. Even if our ideologies differ, if your ideology is preaching Action, and you spend all your time arguing, shit ain’t gettin’ done.

@ Students and parents. This isn’t a replacement for real plate armor. Unfortunately in this day in age, you need to consider that being shot is a real risk. FIRST, YOU SHOULD BE CARRYING A FIREARM. THE ONLY THING THAT STOPS A BADGUY WITH A GUN IS A GOODGUY WITH A GUN. that said, I know not everyone is comfortable with carrying a gun. NOW, I know you’ll see this and say “that sure as shit won’t work.” But you know what else won’t work against a 5.56 or 7.62x39? Not trying. This is a cheap alternative and it increases the chance of survival exponentially. It’s a short video with test fire and a how to. If you go to school, wear this. Build one. It could save your life. #florida #schoolshooting #shooting #gunviolence #2a #secondamendment #progun #massshooting

Hey Peoria/Bloomington friends. What tattoo shop should I give my money to?


Me: I’ll have a beer and finish my 200 page enrollment for benefits. .
Me: DEVIN. fuck school. It’s a scam. It’s a money grab to put you in debt. Get out, fuck your family and fuck their money. G. O.

YALL! Go support the troops! @terrorfightingrobin is someone that I look up to a lot and was one of the few people who (unknowingly) made me get in touch with the SDF. The fuckin’ .223 snipers. This is for GoPro footage and info (that isn’t still redacted about the struggle and revolution in Kurdistan and the fight against Daesh!! *unfortunately, in October communication was rough due to the Raqqa offense and the volunteer route is currently closed to most westerners because of the fucking nato ties to turkey.

This just in. Conservatives rush to defense of the shooter rather than acknowledge his instagram being littered with islamophobia and trump posts and saying “yes, maybe we, as a people, should start taking notice of radical hatred toward those different than us.”
@camdenmania i am SURE you’ve done the same with all leftists over a broken Starbucks window. Only thing is, this time 17 kids are dead.

This just in. Trump supporters still out here murdering kids.

Today on “how to drift your fork truck”. First, spend some months coating a floor in dirt and metal shavings. Second, flood it.

This is the phone number of the NPR program “The take away”. They’re asking how people met their partners. Everyone call in and tell them you met them in some radical way. “They threw a Molotov at the base of trump tower. The way the fire danced in their eyes.... it.. it was revolutionary”

Not today, Jesus.


#happyvalentinesday to @sza for being the most talented, bad ass and gorgeous best new artist!! THE ONLY VALENTINE I COULD EVER WANT. LOVE THE BEST FUCK THE REST.

An ABSOLUTE waste of time.
Fun fact, my cars are ALMOST entirely legal. As much as I hate these stupid laws and the state sanctioned money grabbing scheme that is an annual tax and registration fee on a car I own, I also know that cause of who I am I’m targeted and addressed more stringently than the average boot licker. The only reason my car WASNT legal is cause it was for sale and wasn’t being driven really. Anyway, state dropped all charges. Thanks for the early wake up.

For the first time since Inga and I split I have Valentine’s Day plans!! It’s been a few years, but I officially have a date. At 9am. At the county court house. #FTP.

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