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Tila Miranda  Dancing too close to madness.



I won't be the last, I won't be the first. Find a way to where the sky meets the earth. It's all right and all wrong. For me it begins at the end of the road. We come and go...🍃🍂🍃🍂

The mountains shall bring peace to the people.

You tell them they don't have to run. We're gonna pick up everyone. Come on, take me by the hand... Gonna bury all our troubles in the sand... oooohh yeah.

Can you give me sanctuary? I must find a place to hide. A place for me to hide. Can you find me soft asylum? I can't make it anymore. The Man is at the door.

Para o telefone que toca, para a água lá na poça, para a mesa que vai ser posta, para você o que você gosta... Diariamente... 🍃🍂🍃🍂


I know I look angry but I'm happy.