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Irl Nanami🙃  Lvl 18👌👌 FL 🔥☀️ G⭐️ Cosplayer/YouTuber/New Be Photographer📸 Next con: 🔜 Holmat, PCCC Leader of @psionic.cosplay Kotori/Ruby for PSS 💫


I literally hate every picture of me 🤷‍♀️
#lovelivecosplay #kotoriminami #holidaymatsuri

I was tagged by @idol.hime

Everyone is posting their #bestnine so here's mine❤️ I'm shocked how much overwatch is on it is on it lololol

Really bad modern, casual Eliza Hamilton but I was inspired by @mika_cosplay1238 to do it👌👌👌

I'm trying to put a Hamilton group together for #flsupercon over the summer DM me if you want to be in it!
Angelica: @haunting.reaper
Eliza: me
Laurens: @lemoncake.cos
King George: @mystical_tsuki
Any other characters are welcome!
#floridacosplay #floridasupercon #hamiltoncosplay

I was scrolling through my camera roll and I see this 👌👌 I miss iwai so much! The post con depression just hit me like a truck! I really hope Holmat comes fast!

I'm thinking about cosplaying Tracers Chirstmas skin, what do you guys think???? #tracercosplay #overwatchcosplay

WOWIE LOOK AT THAT TERRIBLE QUALITY!!! Happy Thanksgiving/ Pre Black Friday! This year I'm eating a small "dinner" at 1:30 then going out to go stand on line for kohls! WOOP
So so thankful for all my friends!!! (It won't let me tag everyone!!!! )

SFS RETURN!!! What a great one to end things on! So basically @haunting.reaper is my bestest of the best friends (she's practically my sister) and I couldn't ask for a better friend?? She planned me a surprise party and iwai (that I'm still waiting for videos of) and she's so sweet and funny and kinda a jerk sometimes but I love her anyways❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ANYWAYS go follow @haunting.reaper

SFS RETURN!!! I'm pretty sure you all know the beauty that is @mimikyu_berkie (since she's all over my page and in my cosplay group) WELL BONUS she's really close to hitting 100 followers so please go follow her! Her cosplays are amazing!!!

SFS RETURN!!! WHO IS THIS BEAUTY YOU MIGHT BE ASKING YOURSELF?? THATS @psyshie_cosplay we've know each since 6th grade and tho she HATED me back then, she loves me now (hopefully)😅 she's one of my best friends and I'm sooo glad to still have you in my life after all this time! Please go check out her page!! (If you read this go comment mermaids are real on her posts)

SFS RETURN!!! LITERALLY THIS WAS SO HARD TO CHOOSE ONE PICTURE CAUSE THEY ARE ALL SO NICE??? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!!!! I can't believe I didn't know about your account until now!! Please go follow @spellianna to see the rest of their cosplays is soooo worth it!👌👌👌

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