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Foster care friends, I'm attempting to curate a a state-by-state resource list of Instagram accounts and blogs that talk about fostering. I would love to include you! It doesn't matter if you're a former, current, or soon-to-be foster parent, as long as you're willing to be a part of this online foster community. Please comment or message me with your state (and a website if you have one) and I'll add you to the list. Link is in my bio if you want to see the current list.

Glad that I was able to home remedy my way through today's bridal shower to celebrate my sister, @lizcapobianco!

Lizzy, may this next chapter of your life be filled with so much love and joy and laughter. And when things feel hard (because marriage isn't always easy), remember today. You have such an incredible support system of family and friends who are cheering for you two! ❤️👯

Really enjoyed these past few days with Hunzbunz. He stayed pretty busy, but I'm glad we were able to see some of the good stuff together. And now, back home to our zoo. 💕

I wrote a new blog post and I'd love for you to read it. I'd call it a polite education on what not to say to infertile, soon-to-be foster parents. Link in my bio.

While Ian's been busy with a work conference, I've been busy buying more things for our kids. Why anyone shops anywhere but @marshalls @tjmaxx and @rossdressforless is beyond me.

Today, we conquered the world with one of our bests! Beej, thanks for being the best tour guide and spending your whole day taking me around your new city! ❤️👯

Coming from a family and a community of extremely limited foster care experience, folks struggle with how best to practically support us in this adventure. And being someone who's fairly stubborn about asking for help, assistance is not something I expect from people. The words of encouragement and faith in our abilities to parent already mean so much.

But this week, a friend offered to not only babysit, but also bring us meals when we get our kids. And today, I received this afghan from my Aunt Vickie. These gestures of celebrating our impending arrival(s) like any normal family show me that our friends and family don't view these children as foster children, but rather as OUR children and, for that, I am most thankful.

One of the best servers we've ever had surprised us with a birthday brownie for @ianbeards. Happy birthday, dear husband! 😉

It's not his real birthday. Our server heard me shoot Ian down when he was talking about dessert and came back a few minutes later and said "When the dessert comes out, pretend like it's your birthday." And that's exactly what we did.

Home study visits are finished! We ordered this phone on Monday because we needed a dedicated cell phone (or landline) for the house. This was one of the last pieces of the puzzle and wouldn't you know, as our home study worker was leaving her interview with Ian, it was waiting on the porch. GUYS. WE COULD HAVE KIDS NEXT MONTH.

Quality time with my third favorite nephew. Seriously, one of the sweetest pups. #bronsonthefriendlybully

cc: @shan_watts05

When @siftedco takes the day off and you're forced to fend for yourselves during lunch. Many thanks to @imceebs and @allisontinius for organizing a PB&J party. #weareeb

Guys. I normally love my job, but some days I REALLY love my job. Thanks to @heatherdicus and @meroine for planning this pre-4th party cart! #weareeb

Gave myself a manicure and did some minimalist nail art. Also, hunzbunz comes home from NY tomorrow and I can't wait.

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