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Today, Microsoft employees marched at #SeattlePride. It was one of 29 cities in which we are participating in #pride celebrations around the world. For almost three decades, Microsoft has been at the forefront of supporting #LGBT employees and continue to advocate for a more inclusive world.

Buckle up...we're in Sonoma for the #TSM350 with @NASCAR. 🏎
Engines are revving, but before drivers can put the pedal to the metal, cars must go through mobile inspection. 🏁
The power of @Windows 10 and the Microsoft Cloud help cars spend more time on the track and less time in the garage. ☁️
Get a closer look at the whole day - and this weekend - on our Instagram Story.

Farhad Agajan was forced to flee his home in Afghanistan when he was only 8 years old. His family had vanished and he had nowhere to turn. Over the next decade he journeyed through Pakistan, Iran and Turkey before finally building a new life in Greece. Today, Farhad has used his own experience as a refugee to help others, working as a field officer with @mercycorps, while also finishing high school and studying computer programming. Microsoft is working to bring the right technology and tools to more people like Farhad and other aid organizations like Mercy Corps around the world. Read more about our commitment via the link in our bio.

“If we’re not having fun, there’s something wrong.” @detroitwallpaper co-founder Andi Kubacki lives by that motto, because he and his business partner Josh Young know that good design is just as important as good company. That’s why their bespoke wallpaper company has been so successful. They pair daring designs with business know-how, and a constant sense of humor. We're glad Microsoft technology plays a part in their success. Check out our full story on Detroit Wallpaper via the link in our bio.

The galaxy. Lipstick. Oil spills. Inkblots. Pill bottles. Not your typical wallpaper patterns. But that’s how Josh Young and Andi Kubacki like it. The nontraditional design duo finds inspiration in the weirdest places, and then transforms those ideas into customizable wallpapers. Microsoft tech helps them translate each stroke of creative genius into real, tangible wallcoverings that can be found in homes, businesses and hotels around the world. Find out more at the link in our bio.

When she was stung by two bees at the age of four, @mikailasbees turned her fear into a passion project. That’s where Me & the Bees Lemonade was born. Armed with her great-grandmother’s recipe and determination, Mikaila built a lemonade business centered around keeping bees healthy and productive. With Microsoft technology helping to power the business behind the scenes, Mikaila is free to "be fearless, believe in the impossible, and dream like a kid."

Water. Food. Medicine. Shelter. Those are tangible – and obvious – ways aid organizations around the world help people in struggling areas to survive. But unexpected tools can help nonprofits make a huge impact, too. Data visualization is helping groups like Pact feed kids, grow healthy trees and survive cutbacks. Read how at the link in our bio.

When Andi Kubacki and Josh Young hit a professional wall, they decided to paper it. The duo concocted a business idea in their basement, and now they’ve brought that idea to the big time. Co-founders of @detroitwallpaper, they’ve embraced personalization, tech savvy and bold design to offer customizable wallcoverings to clients around the world. Get the full story at the link in our bio.

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Emma Lawton hasn't been able to write her own name for years. The graphic designer was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2013, destroying her ability to draw letters and lines. Those devastating losses inspired Microsoft researcher Haiyan Zhang to start a new project. Haiyan spent months studying Parkinson’s disease while building and testing prototypes that would temporarily "short-circuit" Emma's hand tremors, allowing her to write again. Today the "Emma Watch" has given the designer back what she has always considered a basic human right: the ability to write her own name. "It’s not going to be perfect. But, my God, it’s better.” Learn more about Emma, Haiyan and the future of the project by clicking the link in our bio.

Thanks so much for joining us today as we shared our vision for what's next in education. And a big thank you to @heyheysu for live illustrating our exciting day. #MicrosoftEDU

Our bags are packed and we're ready for today's #MicrosoftEDU event. Watch live at 9:30AM ET by clicking the link in our bio, and stay tuned for updates all day on our Instagram Story.

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