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Micole Austin | Birth Doula  CA raised. Honest storytelling motherhood is my thing. Married my strong man. God sees me. Curious about what I love. Present, over perfect.


When Miss Ma'lae face plants on the concrete--starts bleeding all on her nose, lip and cheeks; you whip out the 'OWIE' blend. Rubbed 1 drop of this on her cuts and it immediately stopped the bleeding, plus will help fight any bacteria and begin healing. #holistichealing #YLEO #KidScents

If you were to see pictures of my skin back when I was a teenager/young adulthood, you wouldn't understand why my skin is as clear as it is now. Ask my husband; he knew my regimen better than I did. Face wash, face scrub, toner, pimple medicine, then Aveeno moisturizer. Not to mention I was a HARDCORE picker. // Fast forward to being introduced to Juice Plus, which detoxed & cleared my body from the inside out--which in turn began clearing my face. That was step 1. Step 2 was stopping my daily regimen of expensive "product". Instead just doing nothing--allowing my skin to breathe and produce what it needed! Step 3 was killing my horrible habit of picking my face. Lastly, I began to realize that my body knew exactly what to do to create beautiful skin. A lot of people asks me what I do for my skin regimen now. My simple answer is NOTHING lol. Quite literally! I don't use face wash. Probably helps a lot that I don't wear make up--if you do have to wear make up everyday or just feel better wearing it--switch to cleaner makeup. (That's a whole other post) // So how do I clean my face if I don't use face wash? I just scrub my face with a shower brush at night when I shower. In the morning, I splash my face with cold water. That's it. For moisturizer & skin health, wrinkles, fine lines etc--I use Coconut oil/V6 Oil from Young Living, with Frankincense & Lavender. I put this mix in a 2 oz spray bottle, with 15 drops each oil & the rest coconut oil or V6 oil. This acts as my moisturizer morning & night. I don't need a lot at all. 1 spray does the job! I tap it underneath my eyes, t zone, and smile creases. I have come to learn through the years of using essential oils that less is more. There are a lot of oils that can be "good" for your skin but they actually can do the opposite of what you want. Lavender is gentle, moisturizing, soothing does just that to your face while Frankincense is a power house but fights inflammation, scars, firms and balances out your oils in your skin. I've been doing this "regimen" since 2014, and I swear by it for my skin. My pours are no longer ginormous, pimples slim to none & it's cheap to keep up with! #yleo #holistichealing

There are a lot of things I shouldn't be doing, but you know what..screw that!! I want to have fun too. I'm definitely a wuss and first time around I was slow lol, but second time around I kept up with Matt until he passed me once 😂 // Can't wait to bring Ki here. #marriedup #k1speed #17weeks

Been bumpin since 2009, and it's crazy to think that all my children have once lived inside my belly. At seventeen with my first, to twenty-five with my fourth...it never gets old and will forever be one of my favorite times in life. 9 months of pure chaos body wise, but so much beauty comes from it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, pregnancy brings out my most confident beautiful self. #nationalbumpday

We love our @towergardenofficial, especially on #harvestday! Look at all our fresh, vine ripened, chemical free produce we brought inside to enjoy! Love that my family gets to see this beauty grow, and to experience #towertotable meals! Best investment we ever made was our TG. Game changer for sure!! #mafamilyhood #growyourown #thefuture #nosoil

This afternoon was a drag. Well, today felt that way. The morning started off with Mehki having an attitude about wearing an outfit & that got dragged out into dramatics that weren't necessary which left me feeling icky sending him off to school that way & basically just left a dark cloud over me all day. Was accomplished in the morning, but when that 2pm hour hits--pregnancy kicks in & I truly feel like a train wreck. Then I realize crap, I have three kids to take care of for a good 6 more hours how in the heck is that supposed to happen. Then there's annoying homework that I feel like I never understand & get frustrated explaining. Then Mileaux constantly wanting to be held. Ma'lae being so wild & wanting food every second. Then my heart rate pounding a million miles per minute because I forget to breathe. Then throw in Mehki's attitude again. Jesus. It's a whirl wind of all the things that can drive yaaa nutso. But when it's all said & done, it's the little triumphs that allow me to come to a place of GRATITUDE. Like, my friend who I finally met in person--brightening ki's day by giving him free vans gear which mind you--his day was full of being yelled at, being able to give her some fun blends of oils in exchange, my Juice Plus team call that brought unexpected tears simply by sharing my heart & why I am grateful for this business, being able to get the girls passports, the beautiful clouds & sun shining through tonight, Dusty checking in with me to make sure I am hitting my intentions, or this moment right now--every night, when Mehki asks me to read him a bible story. It's the 20 minutes just me & him, connecting together but also to God in our own way as I gently drift him off to sleep in a peaceful light. This moment is the moment that allows me to feel forgiven for my mistakes, for my feeling like a failure mama because I pretty much felt useless today or for just simply knowing my kid still loves me and asked me to be close to him before bed. Agh. Motherhood. It's a crazy beautiful life. #honestmotherhood #mafamilyhood #mehkizae

Basically sums up their relationship. Ma'lae is the wild one, Mileaux is the chill one constantly taking fierce kisses, or big sissy plopping her chunks on top of her. Mileaux secretly loves it & really doesn't even get mad. They slowly are becoming best buds! #malaezryai #mileauxzaida #girls #sistasista

I think you can tell by my videos and photos with them that they have this ability to bring out a light in me that I felt was dim for a long time. Something about sisterhood friendship. The kind that pushes you to grow, call it how it is, apologize when you cross the line, show up even when you don't want to, cry with each other because of the "me too's", belly laugh because we really are that funny and check in weekly because that's what our soul needs. Thank you Jord and Dust for spoiling me rotten, celebrating me big and making me belly laugh so hard that my cheeks hurt. Thank you for getting sitters, & forcing me to get out of the house without the kids. For feeding me healthy food. For my mani & pedi. For my gifts I will cherish forever. Most of all, for being lights in my life that remind me I am here..and I am alive & well. I love you guys!! #momsohard #sisterhood #bringingbackthevillage #wowmastermind

Me & baby boy out on the town with Daddy. 16 weeks into my 4th month of pregnancy, and I feel ALIVE. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to carry a fourth baby, I don't take a second of it for granted & every day I have to let go of fear that he can be taken away. Positive vibes! #fearless

Sometimes you gotta just say screw it; get dressed, spend too much money on dinner & walk around with nothing to do just holding hands because shit, it's been for sure over a year & a half or more since we went out on a date just us. So here's to the 10s timer on my phone documenting that one time I wore my husbands T, walked around Pasadena & grubbed at Ruth's Chris Steak House with the love of my life at 4 months prego. Even through the ups & downs of marriage--I still choose you. #datenight #marriedup

The moments in the day when one kids heart is all mine, and I get to pour into that one while the other two are napping or having reading time. Even if it is just for an hour, I am thankful for those pieces of time God gives me. My little fire cracker--she's really the best & I love time with her. #malaezyrai #watchingmamacook #grubbin

When a friend needs a little hair loss help--you whip up something great! 5 drops Sacred Frankincense, 5 drops Lavender, 10 drops Rosemary and 10 drops Cedarwood--the rest V6 Oil blend from Young Living. She can spray this on her scalp before bedtime and brush through. Leave in during sleep! Encourages healthy pours and growth! Simple, safe and effective. Even though I don't expect money, it's a blessing when people respect the hustle & give you something anyway! Oils aren't just a hobby for me, they actually do provide income for my family. It's a win win!! Enhancing lives in a toxic free way, and increasing my bank account. #YLEO #OilyFriends

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