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Micole Austin ✨ Birth Doula  CA raised. Honest storytelling motherhood is my thing. Married my strong man. Nurturing four hearts. Healer. Shaker. Present, not perfect.


My favorite part about my labor prep sessions with clients is that I get to see so many different dynamics. So crazy how different people can be when put in the same scenario. It’s uncomfortable to be in a strangers home, talking about the birth process but the ones that are open to it in the name of being informed—are my kinda people. But I love seeing the type of man who gets involved, or doesn’t get involved. Seeing the mom to be let loose or resist. Seeing how a couple interacts with one another, or how they don’t. Seeing who cries first, me or the mom to be. Lol. It’s so weird and so fun!! Regardless of how it starts out, by the end of it..I’ve brought forward a more vulnerable but OPEN hearted team & mama. Whether you are doing natural or unsure of what will happen, this 2 HOUR course with me is for you to better understand the labor & birth process. I believe that every single mama to be should have this under her belt. I absolutely love providing it, and creating a vibe with each person that comes into my home. I’m thankful that so many of you trust me to teach you. If you’re 12 weeks pregnant or 39 weeks; you should know what your body is going to go through. Because what we better understand, eliminates the fear and when FEAR is eliminated—the sweet surrender is much easier to accomplish. With that said, I am looking to book 2 more labor prep sessions or more before the month of January is over. If you’re interested, please message me. 🤰🏻😊 #laborprep #birthdoula #birthwithoutfear

Our Mileaux Zaida girl is 11 months old today, and my goodness has she made leaps & bounds!! I love her chunks, her smiles, her energy, her dance moves, her sweet way she says “dada” and how she screams whenever a movie starts. She has 5 teeth, way more than sissy did at this age lol. She eats so much, and is finally crawling & getting up on all fours. I feel that God allowed her to come to life before little brother comes so that I could soak her good vibes in. Safe to say she is the sweetest one right now...and I am perfectly okay admitting that. Let’s see if baby brother & her will share a birthday or not. #mafamilyhood #mileauxzaida #11months

Note to self: never get carpets cleaned when it’s raining outside & the heater has to be on to keep everyone from freezing. It’ll leave your entire home smelling like mildew and you’ll have a wet musty carpet for days on end! THE WORST & still working to get that smell out. But, thankfully I have a trick that works everyday and is chemical free. Baking soda and essential oils. This time I chose to use LEMON for a fresh scent but not over powering, and THIEVES to kill bacteria and rid that musty smell. Get a bowl of baking soda and do 10-15 drops of each oil, mix with a spoon and sprinkle it all over your carpets to sit. I like mine to stay over night to really settle in. But, it’s completely up to you! Then just simply vacuum it up. It’s like magic, and leaves your home smelling so fresh and clean!! #oilyfriends #yleo #toxicfree

In the last 2 years of officially being a doula, all together I have helped over 40 women total during their laboring process through coaching, placenta encapsulation, labor prep, prenatal massage etc. and there is one thing that always stops me dead in my tracks. Simply that, I will always be stripped of what I think I know then stretched to new places that call me to grow, humble myself and adjust. Being a birth doula is not for everyone! It truly takes a special kind of human to do this kind of work (I love this work, and I’m GREAT at it) but it’s a constant die to yourself and your desires to serve another woman for HER journey, not yours. It’s a PRIVILEGE, not a job. Ego must be checked at the door!! This little family right here, brought me along their journey into parenthood. It was such a crazy ride, and a new one at that for me. It was my first time truly having to trust the process, take it slow, push momma to her discomfort, encourage when I felt it was needed, let go when I knew I wanted to take control, and surrender to this mommas wishes. It truly was an empowered birth under a different lens. She labored on her own in first stage for over 48 hours at home. Made amazing progress. Then we spent 12 hours in active labor at the hospital. During the process, a lot of hard and scary decisions had to be made but she made them as an informed mama & I couldn’t be more proud of the mom she became through it all. With her husband David as her strength, her momma as her reminder, me as her coach & a peanut gallery of family who absolutely loves them—she birthed her baby like a warrior woman!! At the end of it all, a beautiful healthy baby boy was born & the reaction on everyone’s faces was the same. Pure and utter joy, and a cloud 9 experience. This is what birth magic is. Me serving you, YOUR WAY. Thank you to the Galindo’s for entrusting me & inviting me into your birth space. “AJ”, Anthony Jayce Galindo born at 4:08am on January 17th 2018, 6.8lbs 20 inches long & the most chill baby ever. Forever grateful for this experience!! #birthdoula #birthmagic #empoweredbirthproject

Besides the birth journey, my favorite part about working with my clients is their family. Whether it be a mom, a dad, or the whole crew. Meeting their family is what brings me so much joy & makes the long hours so worth it! Being able to help educate and inspire them by explaining what their loved one is going through is always so fun to me. The reaction is always the same; they are fascinated, smiling and we connect on a whole new level. This is what birth magic is to me! Empowering not only mama, but empowering everyone who is apart of the process. Easing their worry, with knowledge & power because they understand the birth process instead of fear it. This family right here is special, and they are filling my cup so full tonight as we wait for mama to give birth. Tonight, or tomorrow when baby is born—this will be their first grandchild on both sides of marriage. It’s a celebration of life over here! #birthmagic #doula #birthdoula

Thank you to every single mama that has chosen to encapsulate her placenta! By giving back to your body, you’re giving back to my passion & supporting my small doula business. I am blessed to still be able to generate income from home, while raising three kiddos and enjoying my last few weeks at 34 weeks pregnant. For those that are wondering; I am taking on any clients I can get. My complete doula package won’t be available but labor prep, placenta encapsulation, doula coaching and hourly consultations will still be available over the next couple months of my “baby leave.” Please visit my website to see my services, pricing and if something sparks your interest—don’t hesitate to contact me through email. Love you all! Filled with gratitude that this is my life. #birthdoula #smallbusiness #doula #placentaencapsulation #livingonpurpose #micoleashley

This birth tugged on my heart strings because this is my cousin who basically is my twin lol. She was a teen mom just like me. Her first birth experience ended in a cesarean just like mine did. Her second birth experience was long, hard & had a few interventions (epidural & penicillin) throughout labor but a successful VBAC. This birth here, was the come back birth. The birth to bring out the strength of a warrior woman who had it in her all along. She had absolutely nothing to prove, but I can only imagine that the teen mom in her was doing this for that girl who had no one to advocate for her back then, so she had to advocate for her now. Tapping into pure raw primal instinct. She reminded herself that she was strong, empowered, supported and that she could absolutely do this! Laboring at home for the first stage of labor, and water breaking. Then 4 hours of active intense labor/transition in a hospital setting & she was a shining star. Working with baby the entire time. Created her own groove and rhythm through each surge. Despite the negatives of a bad vibe nurse, and being restricted to the bed even though we fought hard to go against that—she was able to do another VBAC but all natural. With so much grace & beauty. I have never seen a woman push with such raw strength, and power on her own before. It was literally pure instinct what she did, i can’t even explain it. Such an amazing experience and thing to witness. I was honored to be apart of this birth journey with her husband @joebelmonte1 as her rock, mama @ggzkitchen as her healer and daughter @kaliiyaray as her heartbeat. We all made the perfect team and although she may not ever want to lol, I would relive this over and over because that’s how inspired I was by her womanhood. This is what birth magic is guys! A woman feeling safe, protected, loved, advocated for and powerful using her own damn voice! You are out of this world @yogarays_ & thank you for inviting me into your space. I love you so much! Jonah Oliver, born January 14.2018 at 5:43pm 19.5 inches & 7.1lbs. The perfect little man. #birthdoula #birthingfromwithin #birthwithoutfear #doulamagic #vbac #34weekspregnant

The tree of life; the beginning and end of pregnancy, labor & your birthing experience. Once the placenta is birthed, the fourth trimester starts. This sacred practice represents a cycle to me. We birth the placenta & honor it as well as our bodies for doing such a magestic thing.. it helped create/sustain life & now a mama gets to give herself some life back by choosing encapsulation. As a birth doula, I focus on pregnancy but more so the actual birth process right—that’s where my fire comes out but I can’t stress enough how important postpartum is. All of my clients whether I am their full blown doula or I do their placenta encapsulation—I urge them all to take care of themselves once baby is born. Which is why I provide this service because it is the very least we can do to honor this next chapter of being reborn ourselves. This placenta represents yet another warrior mama & natural VBAC. There is nothing like it, and it is near & dear to my heart. I put on some good soul filling music, gave this beauty some love & healing vibes. #birthdoula #placentaencapsulation #placentalife #placenta #postpartum #postpartumrecovery #fourthtrimester

It’s no surprise that Mehki knows; when mom is pregnant she is short fused, physically limited & literally not herself. It’s not his first rodeo. When I was pregnant with Ma’lae, he was much younger & I was not spread so thin. My body had 5 years to recover & recoup from being pregnant with him before getting pregnant a second time, not to mention my mental state as well. Since having Ma’lae my body has had less than 6 months postpartum to recover, twice. Any human that knows a woman’s body & how it works, knows that this can’t be good for anyone—but it’s the hand i was dealt & i don’t regret it. Now that Ki has had a couple years to evolve, grow more independent—I am much more open & honest about how I feel every day. Most days, i really don’t have the energy or physical strength to go outside & play with him, or even do something as simple as play a board game. I used to pride myself in how much i did with Mehki, even on the hard days. We grew up together & when it was just him, i never felt this way like i do now, as a mom. Motherhood was easy, it was fun, it was spontaneous & honestly just glamorous in my eyes. I never felt restricted. I would spend whatever to have a good time with my boy. But that’s not where we are anymore, & it’s been a hard pill to swallow for me. The guilt is so real some days, especially lately. As if my own voice in my head isn’t enough, Mehki will actually say it out loud. Not in a mean or ungrateful way but in a “I’m just expressing myself mom” kind of way. He’ll say things like, “we used to do so much, now you can’t do anything.” Or “you never play with me anymore.” Or “you’re always mad mom.” Or “you don’t have to yell.” I’ll tell ya, it’s a straight shot in my heart each time when I first hear it & it almost every time sends me into a river of tears, but then it’s followed by him saying something along the lines of this; “but it’s okay mom, it’s really fine, I understand. We had a good life just me you & dad for a long time. Now I get to show my sisters & the new baby what a good life is.” // I am thankful for nights like these where we have a stolen moment just us cuz seasons change but love never does. #mafamilyhood

Motherhood & pregnancy feels a lot like gravity. Constantly pushing, pulling me, turning me, drowning me down until I remember to BREATHE. It grounds then sets me free, all in one. It strips me of all I think I know, then uncovers life lessons. It covers me like a blanket. It highlights my weakness and humbles me to my core. At the end of each broken moment, I feel alive yet again. Restored by their love, by this blessing that has been given to me. As raw as I feel in my heightened emotions & physical pain in my body — I wouldn’t want to feel this kind of mess in any other way. Suffocated by the love of these beating hearts. It is showing me so much I need to know about what the future holds. Like surrender. Being still. Stepping off my high horse. Falling down to the lowest level. Real love. Embrace. Laughter. To take it lightly, soaking it all in. That each day, each moment...even the hardest ones to get through, they eventually fade away and it all unfolds in the perfect way. Motherhood has shown me that my vulnerability is my power. That in my weakest moments, I still am so strong. Motherhood is the thing that I fight to stay consistent in, and will never give up on no matter how many times I think I fail. I’m here to fall and get back up again, because their love is what I do it for. My bare minimum doesn’t feel like enough, but I’m reminding myself that it always is. One day, it won’t be so vigorous and I’ll be nostalgic over the times that it was as simple as playing pretend in the tiny room that we all just crammed in together to feel close & together.. #motherhoodunplugged #mama #34weekspregnant #mafamilyhood

Do you have a furry friend!? We love our rescue dog Xander. He’s been apart of our family for the last 4 years. Literally is the worlds best dog, except he can be really clingy & when I am pregnant I have a love hate relationship with him. Anyway, for the first time in the 4 years we have had him, he got fleas unexpectedly! The culprit is our backyard & I am thinking either a stray cat or a rat or something has carried them over because he is a complete inside dog & the only time he goes to the backyard is for 5 minutes to go to the bathroom. A couple of days ago I took him to his monthly grooming session & they got rid of all the fleas. Welp, today. I let him in the backyard, and sure enough he came back in with a crap load of fleas that were completely visible. (MY NIGHTMARE) So my first instinct is ESSENTIAL OILS!! I grab the first thing I can find & that’s my hair spritzer which had peppermint, rosemary & lavender with witch hazel. I started spraying him & immediately the fleas start dying & coming off. But I quickly ran out of my spray, and decided I wanted to use something stronger. I went with my instincts of what i have learned over the last 4 years of using essential oils & studying their uses. I grabbed thieves household cleaner, apple cider vinegar, purification, citronella, oregano, tea tree and peppermint. Which is very similar to my mosquito spray. I did like 5-7 drops of each oil. About 2 caps of the thieves cleaner & 2 caps ACV. The rest H20. I go to Xander, in our tile room, and for 2 hours straight sat down and sprayed every inch of his body—picking fleas off of him one by one. I honestly didn’t think it would work, but it was mind blowing to see that almost immediately like within 3 seconds of spraying each individual area—whichever flea crossed paths with my spray died. Not only is this spray safe, but it’s effective. Not only am I okay with the kids touching him or being around him, because none of the ingredients I used are poisonous. But, I as a dog momma have a peace of mind knowing he isn’t harmed in the process. All this to say, my nap today was sacrificed to love on our dog & he is 100% flea free. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🤪😖 #yleo #oilyfriends

Magical to think just hours ago this naturally heart shaped organ was pumping life into a tiny little human body, giving a baby enough love & light to survive over the last 9 months of time. Now here I am, doing a sacred practice, for a warrior second time mama & second time client. I cried doing this one because I can’t believe it’s shaped like a heart, and just looked so damn strong. I felt like it was Gods reminder to me, that my body again—was made for this last stretch of pregnancy. That I can do this, my baby can do this, women all over & close to me do this daily! Just takes a little self love and love for the growing human inside to overcome the hard physical days. Women are amazing, a true reflection of BRAVERY! Thank you to everyone that refers me to their friends & family, for repeat clients, for strangers who find me on yelp. When you choose me to do a service for you, you’re literally supporting my growing family and I don’t take my work lightly or for granted. Love you guys!! #placentalove #placentaencapsulation #postpartumrecovery #birthdoula #doulamagic #birthmagic #love #treeoflife

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