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Beck ⚑ Holladay  Think I'll slip on down to the Oasis. πŸ“currently: portland, oregon

The best advice I have ever been given in my life came from my Mom's next door neighbor -- a 90 year-old man named Merlin. He asked me to come into his house and look at his collection of antique toys; hundreds of pieces, probably worth a lot of money. I asked if he thought they might all come alive when he isn't around, like in Toy Story. He responsed, "Dont be a dumbshit". And I haven't since.
The pants and hoodie in these photos are by @jaefields. Please go check them out.

There's bourbon in that mug because apparently when I get naked I just start rattling off all of my favorite burgers nervously even though no one asked.

1.) Red Robin - Whiskey River BBQ (don't @ me on this one, it's true)

2.) In-N-Out - Double-Double Animal Style
3.) The burgers my mom made for my 10th birthday party when I was so nervous that no one would show up that I ended up fear-eating 3 of them and puking on my brother.
4.) Shake Shack - SmokeShack WITH extra bacon, no excuses

When I was a little kid, it was just my mom and brother and I and we didn't have any money. It was the 90's, so it was right at the tail-end of when it used to still be kind of cool to smoke (which by the way I don't, and if you do,❀please try to quit❀) -- anyway, I used to hustle for money to buy candy and cool erasers by making fake cigarettes out of brown, white and orange construction paper I stole from my classroom and sold them to a rich middle-school kid named Casey who had like 6 girlfriends. 😘Thanks, Casey!

Been hiding away for a long while and focusing on other things but I'm happy to be back and making faces in front of a camera again. I have a ton of new photos to share so 😘 and please let me know what you think. @hometownjersey made me this custom moto jersey and it's like I'm being hugged by a thousand bb angels. Visit their page for a link to their website and use the code HOLLADAY to get 20% off yr own custom jersey.

Thankful for you, white boy β€πŸ‘»πŸˆ

45% of modeling is just looking kind of concerned

πŸ—πŸœπŸžπŸ€πŸŸπŸ¨πŸ°πŸ΅πŸ¦πŸ•πŸ”ALL DAY





Thanks for the love @buzzfeed and #afterellen 🐩🐩🐩 and a big πŸ’ͺ to @allyand_ for getting her photos out there too

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