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Shamrock tattoo parlor.The legendary Mark Mahoney @markmahoney_ssc layin some ink on the “always in shape” very talented actor Frank Grillo @frankgrillo1 ....Frank Grillo is a standup dude,years ago when i KOd some scumbag that was giving my girl hard drugs,i did it in public place,got a lot of trouble cuz i cut the son of the bitch really hard,let’s put in this way it was messy one punch affair.
At that time i even didn’t know Frank but he called my lawyer and manager and said that he saw that the other guy throw the first punch, ....of course that was not true.Any cocksucker who’s got stupidity to give my girlfriend hard drugs deserves what he got.
The cops let me go,cuz i told the cops what the motherfucker was doing but the next day i got fired of the big movie which I really needed to do.
I wrote the producer a letter and i said to him why you are firing me? Whether its my girl or my little brother you gonna have a problem.
My letter did no good,the producer didn’t care what my excuse was,but i never forgot Frank’s juster to help me out.The producer can go fuck himself,what did he expect me to do.
If it happen again-i will do the same fucking thing...in my book i owe Frank one,i hope one day i got a chance to do something for him,when i have the opportunity.
Most actors 99% at least don’t have any balls to begin with 👊🏼

Tusuemsa ma kuhne s moim nezamenimim pomoshnikom Dimoj @dimas_korniychuk ❤️ i russkimi bliznecami Egorom i Ivanom 💙💜🧡💛💚

Andrey Ryabinskiy @ryabinskiy Promouter Boksa iz Rossii i predprinimatel sidit na odnoj iz svoih prekrasnejshih loshadej.Andrey bolshoj lubitel zhivotnih,eto ochen prijatno!
S uvazheniem Mickey.
U menia est para filmov,kotorie budut snimat skoro,no esli est vozmozhnost,chrob u menia bil boj v Rossii v dekabre-daj mne znat,ja gotov k boju.
Pozhelaj Poverkinu udachi ot menia pozhalujsta.
🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 6 raundov,mne tolko nuzhno 10 nedel,chtob ja gotov bil k dekabru...mne nado eshe dva boja do togo,kak ja snova budu molodim i krasivim.Pust Bog berezhet tebia i tvoju semju.
Ja ochen hochu boj !


Ivan @ivan_redkach_11 ,the man trains his ass to the bone!

One of my favorite people,tremendous actor Matt Dillon @mattdillon His kid brother Kevin @kevindillonofficial kicks ass as well.L&R Mick

This will be a war.Looking forward to it.

Chewie baby...”priceless” ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Rose rocks.My new favorite warrior.Much respect!

Charlie Bronson,photo of a movie he did where he played an Indian,the film was called “Chato’s Land”.
It took Charlie many years to become a leading man in Hollywood,but after a terrific performance in a film called “The mechanic” and then again in a great performance in a movie called “Death wish”,in a many years finally Charlie Bronson became an A list actor,which he truly deserved.No-one ever play a badass better then him,and as you see on photograph he kept himself very fit 💪🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The late great Steve McQueen,one of my all time favorite actors,I really wish I could’ve known him.
This is a photo of him in one of his lesser known movies,called “The sand pebbles”.The rifle he is holding was given to me by his son Chad,who is a dear friend i love very much,I haven’t see Chad for several years,i hope he is doing well.Like his father Chad’s favorite passion is racing cars,about 10 years ago while racing Chad got a very bad crash and was very lucky to survive.It was very kind of Chad to give me this rifle which his father use to have in the movie “Sand pebbles”,which i am watching right now.
One interesting thing I observed over the years about McQueen was the better actors he was working with the better he became.He is always been a true inspiration in someone i never met but always loved.
R.I.P ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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