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ya I know but I had a good day yesterday and ya gotta document the good days

✨this is as far as the makeup gets when it's this gross out✨

The only thing that really truly bothers me about this pic is how fkin disgusting my eyebrows are 🤷🏼‍♀️ But I just want to show everyone the wonders of Ulcerative Colitis and how it effects every other part of your body as well. I've been having some heart issues for the past, I wanna say, six years but no doctor has taken it seriously. Telling me it was my anemia or an "inappropriate release of adrenaline" even though I don't even think that betch knew what the hell that meant either. Luv when docs talk out of their asses🙄 But I finally found a cardiologist who believed all my symptoms and is finally helping me. Today I had a transesophageal echocardiography(TEE) to see if my heart is functioning properly, mechanically. Don't know if this is a result of all the different medications I've been on throughout the years that have taken a toll on my body or bad genes from Howie and Esta🤷🏼‍♀️ Either way, dealing with severe UC, having my grandma arthritis pains, with a nice heart issue on top makes it hard to function sometimes. Sometimes it takes all of my energy just to get from my bed to the shower and sometimes i get winded in the shower and can't breathe. But I've been so happy lately and I have such great friends and family and I have faith that we'll figure this shit out soon and I'm gonna be downing cranberry vodkas and pizza!!! My mom's friend said yesterday "I can't believe how this beautiful girl looks so okay on the outside and feels so awful on the inside." And it's true. So as I always say, be kind to everyone because you don't know what kind of war is happening in their body. We are warriors!!💜🎗And I'm always going to raise awareness for something that is so near and dear to me in hopes that one day no one will suffer from this 💩 any longer!! #UlcerativeColitis #FindACure #StillBEAUTEvenWithFuglyBrows💁🏼

🖤💆🏼Issa WONDAFUL hair day, y'all🖤💆🏼 #PeepMyMiddlePart #FiveFingaForehead #ForeverSideBangs ⭐️ Side-note: I must say that this iPhone 7 has the best camera I've ever used and I'm never using a filter on my cute ass ever again💁🏼

This week's venue, with some nice ass perks✨🥐🍪💵

this is not a room where anyone lives/sleeps so don't think the Temkins are some kind of dirtbags or somethin' #MyBitchAssGotABodysuit 😛

Sassy San Diego sistas always✨💚🌴#BeforeLifeWasABetch

Esta: We need to take pics so we can post them!! Me: Literally no one cares about us or what we're doing. *the entire day turns into a photoshoot at the Temkin household* all servin "the-day-after" lookz☠️ #MichyAndFachieToHoochieAndHachie #StressInABallWhenTheyAllTogether🆘 #Famo 💯 #RobertaTheJunkieLunchLadyIsBack

chicamunga w/ a rat's nest on her head🐭#FeelinShittyLookinPretty startin tha trend

✨Just in case you're having a glum day and need a smile...I'm always here to provide that. Here's a nice lil #tb for you from da Bungalows. When I tell you there's no one out there like me....there's truly no one out there like me✨ @madisonweisser_ #TheRedCheeks

she lives

Captioning my first ever graduation for Teachers College at this amazingly beautiful cathedral✨⛪️ #MovinOnUp #ClosedCaptioner

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