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✨happy birthday to my soul sista✨ I cannot believe how old you are god damn 😛 thanks for being the best big sis and loving me and taking care of me whenever I need you. Can't wait to be cali sistas again. Mushytushy luvs u more than you know xoxoxo

✨happy birthday my little mamala, love you more than you know✨ #Estas25th

✨high class trash✨

two grandmas walk into a bar #SheFilteredUsCuzWeCrustyAf

✨😛saturdays are for the spice😛✨

This past week, I took my first solo vacation. Of course I would have loved to share this trip with my family/friends but due to lack of funds/no time off from work, no one was able to go with me and since I'm so fortunate to have a great job that gives me the time and money to go and do whatever I want, and since I desperately needed a vacation, I decided to come to Aruba; and who do I love hanging with more than myself? I'm telling you, if you have the time and money, GO. Don't wait for anyone to do what you want. It was a well-deserved and much needed week of relaxation. On top of all the sunshine and beauty, I got upgraded to a one-bedroom suite and bumped to first-class on my flight home😛 The Year of MichyTemkz is starting off pretty swell✨

✨may 2017 be a year filled with hot boys and bomb selfies for us all✨

Sometimes you just need a bomb selfie to feel better

🎄🔯Murry Christmakkuh from my dirtbag brows, frizzy hair, n my beaut second sis, y'all🔯🎄

Haven't seen this many presents under the tree since I was like 6✨ #TheMostBeautifulTree #MenorahsEverywhere #HanukkahHOWIECameToVisitThisYear #MostOfThoseAreFromMeToThem

So tonight I thought I would try something new and plug my second computer into the TV to watch the live stream of my captions while I'm working as if I'm watching it live on the news(even though it's being aired in Boston). Gotta be honest, it's really cool to be watching it like I'm just watching regular TV and I'm truly so proud of how far I've come. So if you're interested in watching for a little, I'll be on until 11:30! Just go to whdh.com and go to the live stream and put on the closed captions!! (It's pretty shitty on your cellphone but if you don't have a computer, the phone is better than nothing!) Thanks to all MA fans you're all awesome xoxoxoxo✨💸 #LuvWhatYaDo #MyOffice

@samsvorinich Happy birthday, sista. You deserve nothing but the best love ya❣️#SpiceUpYaLifeTillIdie #MadPopularWithThemSweetSixteens Thanks for sticking with me through all the phases. Can't wait to see what's next for us✨

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