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It’s Time to talk Cervical Screening examinations... AKA the dreaded SMEAR (horrible word) test! I’m going to be honest with you all, I’ve had numerous letters come through my front door that I’ve pushed aside. I’ve also ignored my mums tiresome pleas telling me to book an appointment with my local GP ...because
1) I used the excuse of being ‘too busy’ with work and life in general
2) let’s face its it’s bloody embarrassing to drop your knickers and open your legs in front of a total stranger
3) I was apprehensive thinking about the pain I was going to endure!
However I finally got my finger out, (pardon the pun) and went to my appointment. My doctor was so lovely, I hopped onto the bed and it was over in less than 2 MINUTES!!! It was a tad uncomfortable but no means painful.
After doing some research I found that the number of women who should go for a test has dropped to an all time low in 20 years!!! Cervical Cancer is the most common cancer in women under the age of 35, with some having no symptoms whatsoever.
75% of cervical cancers can be prevented by having regular cervical screening, let me break this down for you...SMEAR TESTS SAVES LIVES.
My advice to you... STOP making excuses, book, and go for your bloody smear!
A smear tests last 5 minutes the impact of cervical cancer lasts a life time!
#dontfearthesmear #smeartest #smear #womenshealth #cervicalcancerawareness #selfcare #selflove #getyourselfchecked #justdoit 💞

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