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Michi Mathias  Illustrator/cartoonist/fiddle player. Forthcoming graphic novel: 1897 true story cycling/camping/Ireland adventure. Vegan graphic recipes...

Little detail from my current interesting and fun illo job. Who would've thought there'd be tens of thousands under hashtag #pressurecooker

Another in the sad but true collection. #coffeeaccident #messyfloor

Trying to decide which type of cycling suit and what colours for #thomashiramholding and his three companions in my graphic novel #twoshillingsaday #vintagebicycle adventure.

And finally here it is in @likethewindmag illustrating a very cool story by Kase Johnstun.

Character sketches working out how to draw #thomashiramholding , my main guy in #twoshillingsaday

Just some fun nonsense. #scarypurpleliquid

And here's a little bit of that falling person from last week...

Observing a few ways we hang cloth over the upper part of our bodies.

Need to draw someone tripping and falling for an illustration, so making reference photos by posing my little plastic model and shooting from various distances to play with perspective. Too much playing really - probably could've just finished the drawing by now!

Have to go collect artwork from the printer in Brighton. Gorgeous day, top deck front seat on bus, sketchbook on lap. Perfect.

Sneak peek of a tiny bit of an illustration which will be 1.5 m high and in the tourist info window next Friday! #horsesnose in #sharpiepen and #watercolour

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