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Michellia Designs  Combining vintage elegance with modern classics, Michellia™ celebrates the unique beauty of every love story with non-traditional jewelry designs.


Out of all the iconic color combinations, the timeless pair of white and blue remains our all-time favorite. 💍 Featured: Evelina ring with a moonstone center in white gold, paired with the 9-diamond curved crown bands.
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We do not deny the importance of a romantic first date or a unforgettable proposal; the monumental milestones in life shall always be celebrated. Fast-forward a life time, however, it is the seemingly ordinary, minute day-to-day details that overfill our hearts with warm and fuzzy feelings - be it the cup of coffee he makes for you every morning, the kiss on your forehead before you part ways for work, the crease around her dimples when you tell a silly joke, or the way you look at each other while enjoying a casual, intimate dinner after a long day. While the big moments lead to that joyful "I do", the small details end up being the key to a true happily-ever-after, allowing love to be rediscovered over and over again throughout our journey, long after the vows are exchanged and promises are made.

We are a strong believer in details. Without compromising a beautiful first impression to deliver on your special occasion, we design all sides of our jewelry with as much attention and care as the front - because we believe that the smallest details can leave the most everlasting impression, and we understand that a timeless heirloom piece is built upon the endless pursuit for multi-faceted perfectionism. At Michellia, our mission is not defined by what people see at first glance; it is about how the details make her heart flutter even when no one is looking.

May your journey be filled with many small, simple, yet smile-worthy details to make for an unbreakable bond between you and your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s day from our heart to yours. ❤️
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Did you know that our ring is pug-approved? If not, it’s time to swipe right! Henry de Pug drools with excitement as he witnesses the monumental milestone between his two lovely parents Sabrina and Slava, who also celebrated with a $250 gift card from our latest Instagram photo contest! 💝 We were elated when we heard from this amazing family of three, as our designer Michelle has been a long time follower of the Sabrina's art work on Instagram. Here is the official testimonial from the bride-to-be: ✨
"After 19 years since our first meeting as kids, Slava popped the question on December 17th, 2017! He had a friend invite us to a “fancy brunch” and told us to meet up at an old historic manor. Slava then proposed in the gardens, to which I yelled “OMG IS THIS REAL?” and of course “YES!” There turned out to be a photographer there that Slava had hired to capture everything and also do a photoshoot with us afterwards. Slava also had our friend secretly kidnap our pug, Henry to bring him by to join in on the photos! 😱 We then went out to a nice restaurant by the waterfront for a (late) lunch to celebrate, just the two of us. ❤️ I spent the whole day after the proposal (heck, the whole month!) just staring at my ring and new fiancé in awe. Thank you, Michelle, for the most unbelievably perfect ring to brighten up an already perfect moment~ We both knew immediately that it was the one after coming across it online nearly a year ago and now that Slava’s proposed, we can’t believe how much more beautiful it is in person!"

Due to Instagram character limit, please read more about this post in our comment section below! ✨
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Thanks to our loyal customers, it has been brought to our attention that knock-off copies of our original designs have been sold all over the internet - this includes Wish, Ebay, Aliexpress, as well as within the Etsy community itself. In the past, we have chosen to dedicate our energy creating instead of fighting, and most sellers have shown respect to our intellectual property by taking down the infringement content as soon as they are notified in private. However, a recent incident with another well-known Etsy seller has left us with no choice but to expose our frustrations to the public.

Due to Instagram character limit, we will be publishing the full case details on our Facebook page shortly.

To ensure the best aesthetic appearance without sacrificing functionality, our designer (Michelle) spends countless hours sketching, prototyping, and iterating upon previous versions to ensure that our jewelry turns out as uniquely beautiful as the one who wears them. From initial concept to the completion of the final prototype, the process typically takes 3-6 months at the minimum. We take endless inspiration from nature, history, classic fairytales, and beautiful surroundings that we often take for granted in life. Our jewelry is created for the history inside, the stories it holds, and the beauty it inspires. One may easily copy what they see, but a visual is not considered an art unless it’s given a soul.

With the exception of a few classic jewelry styles like simple solitaire and halo settings, all of our designs are original works and copyrighted as the intellectual property of Michellia Designs™. Any commercial use of our intellectual property without the prior written consent of Michellia Designs constitutes trademark and copyright infringement in violation of US federal and state laws. We take design infringement very seriously and will take legal actions when necessary. We are currently NOT selling anywhere outside of Etsy and www.michellia.com is our ONLY official store.
Thank you for supporting us as the original designer for our original artwork. We will continue to be fearlessly authentic with better, finer original creations for years to come.

While our shop has now officially stopped accepting new orders until February 15th (yes, we decided that we need a few more days 😂), our team will stay around for a bit longer to make sure that no package gets left behind while we are taking a little breather. We will still periodically share sneak peaks and updates throughout our break, and we promise - a LOT more new sparkles to be added to our collection after we return! :) ✨

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Happy new year everyone! We are going to be putting in a few more weeks of hard work before our team goes on a well deserved vacation. We will stop accepting new orders on January 10th to make sure everything can be delivered before Valentine’s day (2/13) this year, and our regular order acceptance will resume on February 11th with expected delivery dates between March and April. 💝
Swipe right for a sneak peak of the newest addition in our natured-inspired collection - the vintage floral leaf ring with an oval moissanite center stone. Stay tuned for more updates and more beautiful designs to come after our break! ✨
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These smiles were all we wanted for Christmas, and thank you to all you lovely ladies and gentlemen for making it happen. We couldn’t have wished for a better Christmas 🎄✨ Warmest congratulations and holiday wishes from Michellia to you and your loved ones 💝

Just want to give a big shout-out to Michellia’s amazing Christmas elf this year - our lovely assistant Tiffany - for working relentlessly day and night to get all of our little sparkling jewels under your trees in time. We can’t wait for our magical blue box to start off a wonderful holiday season for everyone! 🎉💍✨

2018 Shop Vacation Notice: Our Etsy shop will be closed for vacation from Jan 10th to Feb 10th, 2018. We will still be able to answer messages and ship orders, but new orders will not be accepted during this time. Orders placed before January 10th will have guaranteed delivery before Valentine's Day (2/13). Please place your order before January 10th if you need to receive your package before March 2018. We will resume order acceptance on Feb 11th, 2018, with our regular turnaround time of one calendar month.

We are just taking a little break after working extremely hard through the holiday season so we can recharge for a even better year! We would like to thank you all for your kind support, and we look forward to making more beautiful dreams come true in 2018! :)

Swipe right for more breathtaking views! We are so honored to see our ring around one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world - Alpine, Austria! Congratulations to Kathryn and Jordan for being our December $250 gift card winner, and we are so thankful for being a part of this lifetime adventure they are about to share with each other! From the bride-to-be: “Jordan and I have been together for 9 years. We love to travel and explore the outdoors. In the autumn of 2017, we hopped on a plane to visit the rugged Tyrol region of Austria. On the first morning of the trip, we started off with a hike to the top of a nearby mountain.The initial climb was easy, but the path quickly got steeper and disappeared under a layer of fresh snow. I scrambled on my hands and knees against the boulders and ice while Jordan encouraged me to keep going... I started to get very worried we wouldn't survive the climb! Fortunately, we safely reached the peak of the pass and were rewarded with a sweeping view of the icy and remote Drachensee Lake.

So there on the edge of the deep blue lake, under the towering gray peaks of the Alps, Jordan went down on one knee in the snow. As the ring box opened, the moissanite stone glittered in the sunlight like pure ice. Of course, I said YES! Thank you to Michelle for providing the perfect centerpiece for a spectacular moment in our relationship - your design sparkled across mountains, forests, and palaces for the rest of our trip!”

Kathryn picked our signature floral leaf ring with a Forever One moissanite center, and she downgraded the center gem to 0.75 ct (6mm) to suit her petite size 4.75 hand. ✨
Thank you to everyone who submitted photos featuring your wonderful Michellia jewelry! We love seeing your posts so please continue to use hashtag #michelliadesigns to be part of our on-going celebrations for your special moments ❤

We hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! We are excited to be back and introduce “Astrid” - a daintier sister of our signature "Alessandra” ring - to the Michellia family. Petite yet gorgeous, “Astrid” is designed for those who prefer a more delicate profile without losing the elaborate art-deco inspired details. Shop at www.michellia.com ✨

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