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LA based  My posts are always changing bc I’m always growing Casting account ✨ @michellexuxucasting Michelle@Arsenic.TV ⚡️ @arsenic

The other day I fell out of the sky at the @arsenic house while @sheellbss watched it happen. Thankfully @christopher.james caught it all 😰

Happy Birthday @jeremih 🎊 •

Back in 2015 I had just moved to LA & I got my car towed. The director hit me up to do this music video last minute for $500. I decided to go and little did I know that I would meet an awesome group of people that night. They introduced me turn into some good friends @imsayyi @_djmojo @kinzeeteal these past years. It’s been so long & im so terrible at taking pics when I’m just kicking it. Miss y’all ❤️❤️❤️ happy bday j

Shoutout to @paulmwest for being a good friend that I met virtually via the internet. He’s been a normal ass person who’s dope af and that’s really rad. Some of y’all make me uncomfortable lol ✨ @_douglasjack

Got one of saddest FaceTimes today, my childhood dog, Lady is being put down today she’s loosing her fight to cancer today. I’m so grateful to have had such a good soul be there for me growing up. She’s so smart, she would close the door, bless her food & play hide & seek with me. We’d go on hikes & jump in the river. She’s the best girl. It pains me I won’t ever be able to hug her again. I’m glad she will be more comfortable in doggy heaven ❤️

Dude, eff keke — love me instead 💙

I recently went to the beach with @fridaysydell, it made me of course focus on the oceans. I started to wonder how I could help the earth & the animals that live in the seas. I did some research and found @oceana I signed up for their newsletter. I felt like that is least I could do to stay up to date on. I’ve changed the link in my bio too if you guys wanna get involved also 💙🌊🐬

106 degrees in today @thepalmrose keeping me cool 🥂💕 shorts @fashiontrendla

I went to the beach to take pictures on the regular land side 🙃 top @dollskill

I’ve got nothing to say have a good one 💚

Everybody deserves some sunshine NP Karma by @thutmose ☀️ wearing @dollskill

Life is good & it only gets better — I’m amazed every time. Thank YOU to those who brought your dope vibe. THANK YOU to the arsenic team, everyone that volunteered their time to help. The partners that made it possible to put this on. Thank YOU @rubeswastaken for making this happen for @arsenicaudio. Thank you @thutmose & @nombe for sharing your talents. Young rockstar shit. 💥

I’m changing my caption bc that’s what I do. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I realized this may be a good moment to talk about body dysmorphia. I’ve had it since I was a pre teen. I grew fast and was a head taller than everyone else including boys. My mom is small framed less than 100lbs, 5’2. I grew very quickly passed her in height & weight. I always bought sizes up & didn’t realize they were too big for me - I just thought that’s how clothes fit. When I had first moved to LA I had put on some lbs and was the most I’ve ever weighed my booty was fat & that was PHAT. I guess I lost weight somewhere been then & now but I haven’t noticed, I still see her. I work with models not as a model often but with them very directly every day. I tend to be a bit more curvy but not enough to be ‘thick’ & on the shorter side of average. Every company’s sizing is different along with filters & editing so that adds to the confusion. Sometimes I’m happy with the way I look, sometimes I am not at all. If you don’t know what you look like & feel like scribbles on the inside it’s okay I do too. This goes for any human & if you ever need to just chat hit my line buds. We all need someone sometimes. 💕

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