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ᴍɪᴄʜᴇʟʟᴇ x LG  Saint Apollonia 🦷🔧 in MTL— Do you ever want to live in another era? Same. Oh, and I am a fond curator of fun facts. •vitruviXmichelle -20% @vitruvi

Fun Fact n°355: Bathophobia is the fear of depths, as the word is derived from the Greek bathos for depth and phobia for fear. Those who suffer from it can be scared of deep caves, long tunnels and any water bodies.

Fun Fact n°354: Stingrays are a type of cartilaginous fish closely related to sharks. Their tail spine is made of jagged edges and a sharp point from which venom can be secreted. The compounds found in the venom are cystatins, which inhibit defense enzymes, peroxiredoxin, which controls peroxide levels, and galectin, which causes cell death/apoptosis.

Fun Fact n°353: Sonic hedgehog is a protein that is encoded by the SHH gene [Sonic Hedge Hog]. It was named after Sonic the Hedgehog, the protagonist of the media franchise with the same name. Apparently, Robert Riddle was the postdoctoral fellow who named it after he saw a Sonic comic brought by his daughter from England.

Fun Fact n°352: On December 14, 1911, Roald Amundsen became the first explorer to reach the South Pole. In 1926, he led an expedition to reach the North Pole and thus also became the first person to reach both poles. When he was young, he promised his mother that he would become a doctor and studied medicine at the University of Christiania in Oslo, Norway but broke his promise when his mother died to start a life as an explorer.

Fun Fact n°351: Nutmeg is a seed that is often used as a spice, traditionally in eggnog. However, when eaten raw in a large amount, it can lead to some psychoactive effects such as hallucinations. This is because it contains myristicin, an anticholinergic that is the traditional precursor for the synthesis of MMDA.

Fun Fact n°350: Boring is a small community in Clackamas County, Oregon with the motto “The most exciting place to live”. It was named after William Harrison Boring, one of the first resident. It has a population of around 7700 and is located about 19 km from Portland. Definitely on my list of top places to visit.

Fun Fact n°349: Imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon characterized by feelings of inadequacy despite obvious accomplishments. Basically, individuals with the syndrome believe that they are frauds and that their successes were not deserved but rather just the result of luck.

Fun Fact n°348: Kiwano, also known as horned melon, is a fruit that is in the cucumber and melon family. It is characterized by spikes on its orange skin, yellow seeds, and a jelly flesh. It apparently tastes like a mix of cucumbers and bananas.

Fun Fact n°347: Bonnie and Clyde were a couple who committed crimes in the US during the Great Depression.  On June 10, 1933, they got into a car accident and Bonnie was severely injured with a third-degree burn on her right leg. As a result, she walked with a limp for the rest of her life, just like Clyde. However, Clyde intentionally got his limp from chopping off his own toes to avoid hard labor work during his sentence in prison.

Fun Fact n°346: The miswak is a twig from the Salvadora persica tree that is used to clean teeth. Its use has been documented for over 7000 years, particularly in Arab countries. It is basically the oldest toothbrush and is still used today as a natural alternative.

Fun Fact n°345: Antifreeze proteins (AFPs) are a class of polypeptides found in some vertebrates, including the Antarctic cods. They can bind to ice crystals to protect the cells from cold damage. Thus, AFPs can help certain animals survive in incredibly cold environments.

Fun Fact n°344: Oliver Sacks was a British neurologist who was most famous for his book called The Man who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. He received his medical degree from the Queen's College in Oxford and did his residency in neurology at UCLA in California. He later focused on research and came across many patients that were often featured as cases in his books. The New York Times called Sacks a "poet laureate of contemporary medicine."

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