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Michelle Kwan  Olympian & World Champ ice skater⛸ IG focused on issues I care about & everything that I love - family, pup, skating, yoga, politics, fitness & golf.

Thumbs down to bad scores and sneezy, snotty Fridays 👎🏼current mood 🤧#fbf

Unbeknownst to my coach, my skating friends and I thought it would be fun to choreograph a “touchdown celebration.” I debuted it at the 1996 nationals. However, it didn’t last long in my repetoire. I was requested to eliminate it from the choreography soon after, simply because my coach did not approve 😆 #nofun #jk #tbt @karenwkwan remember this?! 🤭

As a member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer for Special Olympics International I have traveled all over the world to see how Special Olympics has impacted our world to become a more inclusive place.
A big congratulations to Warren HS for being honored by @espn @specialolympics as a Special Olympics Unified Champion School - your students, teachers and faculty have been exemplary at inclusion of special needs students in athletics and other programs.
Also, thanks to the help of the Office of Special Education Programs at the Dept. of Education, we are able to provide the resources and opportunities for more inclusion in over 6,000 schools!

I hear it is a total faux-pas to wear the same dress on the red carpet, but does it still count if it's over a span of 10 years? #tuesdaytransformation 🤔 1. 28 years old at #theespys 2. 34 years old at an environmental event 3. 38 years old at the @teamusa awards

All smiles for this POTUS on #presidentsday

Random Sunday thought - I should dedicate more time to work on my arm balance poses, then maybe someday I’ll be able to do a handstand🤔 #dreamtoreality

Finally, learning how to juggle 🤷🏻‍♀️

When I was 17 years old, I designed this costume and choreographed a program that meant a lot to me because it was a tribute to a friend that I lost. A few days ago, I was delighted to see a picture of the future Queen that reminded me of that beautiful moment. 👑❤️ #fbf

On this day, whether single, dating or married, we should celebrate love. I think we have to look beyond the roses, chocolates and stuffed animals (although they’re appreciated 😉) and remember the sentiment of love. We sometimes take the people we love the most for granted. We’re so busy working. And, when we are not working, we have our eyes glued to our smartphones and laptops so much that we fail to nurture the ones closest to us. So let’s sprinkle love to ALL the people we hold dear - not just romantic loved ones. SIMPLY, spread love to all 💗
Oh, here’s a throw back to the '98 Olympics Exhibition when I portrayed Eponine in @lesmizus skating to “On My Own”. Like us all, she is clearly yearning to be loved. So let's spread love on this special day!

Monkeying around at home @eastwesticepalace

As we celebrate Black History Month it is only fitting to give a shout out to one of the most influential and inspirational people Michelle Obama.

I loved her surprise appearance at the Grammys standing alongside amazing artists and sharing how she wore out her old Motown records as a kid.
For me, it started with Michael Jackson’s “Bad” cassette that I played so much it broke. I will never forget begging my parents to let me attend a Whitney Houston performance - my first concert ever. And, listening to my favorite song, “the Promise” by @tracychapmanonline over and over again. I think we can all reflect on how music has influenced our lives (plus, what would skating be without music 🤷🏻‍♀️). As @michelleobama said “Music helps us share ourselves - our dignity and sorrows, our hopes and joy...”

Monday mood “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” 🐝 Trying to spice up my regular yoga/zen workouts with some punches @gloveworx #muhammadali

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